My Bad Boy - Justin Bieber Love Story

Hey guys! I'm from Norway, and I'm 14 years! :)
Been a Belieber since 2009 (:

This is an Justin Bieber story, but Justin is acting like Jason McCann. Justin is kidnapping and raping girls. He is a badass ;) But he doesn't make bomb and stuff. Are you exited? :D


3. Chapter 3


"Move" he said angry.. "Why?" I said rudely and bitchy.. "Because it is my seat bitch!" he said and pushed me away from his place. Wow ... jerk .. "Asshole" I muttered and sat down at Alex. "Whore" he said back. I laughed. "Nicole, don't make him angry" Alex whispered. "Why not?" I asked. "Because you don't know how he is" he whispered and looked at Justin. "How is he?" I asked, curious. "He ki-" he began before the teacher interrupted us.

"Hello students! Get up" he said and we did what he said. All except Justin. "Justin, get up" the teacher said sternly. "Hell no" he said.   "Good morning students, you can sit down now" he said. We sat down and I turned to Alex again. "Yes ..?" I said, for him to continue. "Do i hear you talk when I'm teaching?" I heard the teacher yell. "Do I hear teaching while I'm talking?" I said rudely and everyone in the class said, "Ooooo" "Burn". "Mark first day Mrs. Smith, not bad" he said ironically and wrote something on a paper. To be honest ... I didn't care.    

Justin's point of view   That girl is so fucking annoying  Playing cool her first day on school.. What a bitch. She has already made me mad, so if she continues, she'll be regretting. And the fact that she hangs out with Alex is not good ... Absolutely not. The bell rang. Yes, finally!. I stood up and waited for Nicole, warn her.  

Nicole's point of view (the usual)   "Hahaha! Did you see his face?" I laughed. "Haha yeah, you are insanely bad" he said, laughing. We walked until someone pulled me back. I turned around and saw Justin standing there angry, and his eyes were completely dark. They were black and the way he looked at me, was not comfortable at all.

"What the fuck?" I said angry and pushed him away from me. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me hard against the wall. "Don't fucking talk to me like that, bitch" he spat in my face. "Ey Justin! Don't touch her!" Alex shouted and pushed Justin. I noticed that Justin jaw tightened and held me even harder. "Alex, you don't hav-" I said but stopped when Justin hit him in the face.


Ooo, badass Justin ;)   - 2 comments until next part!

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