My Bad Boy - Justin Bieber Love Story

Hey guys! I'm from Norway, and I'm 14 years! :)
Been a Belieber since 2009 (:

This is an Justin Bieber story, but Justin is acting like Jason McCann. Justin is kidnapping and raping girls. He is a badass ;) But he doesn't make bomb and stuff. Are you exited? :D


2. Chapter 2


 Alarm * Ohhh!! I want to lie under the covers to sleep. "Nicole!" I heard my mom shout. "Relax mom!" I muttered and got up. Hmm .. what should I wear? I took out some clothes and jumped in the shower. I went out and got dressed quickly.. I dried my hair and put some make up on. I can't look like a bimbo either, haha. I straightened my hair, even though I really had straight hair. "5 minutes!" I heard my mom say. I walked down to the kitchen. "Are you ready?" she asked and gave me cereal. Yes, I'm spoiled. My mom almost do everything for me ;)   "Backpack, money to the cafeteria, info sheet an-" "YES! Everything is ready," I said and rolled my eyes. "You look nice honey" she said to switch themes. "Aww thanks" I said, smiling sweetly.  

//Nicole look like Jasmine Villegas in this story!//

"Let's go" I said and got my Converse on. "Bye! Have fun!" I heard my mom say. "Bye" I said and walked out. Enjoy .... haha .... Hope people here are party animals! I knew I missed my ex-boyfriend, Jake. We had to break up after we had been together for two years, because we had to move. Ugh ... The school is actually very close, almost 7 minutes. Not bad. When I walked into the hallway everyone stared. Awkward. I heard some guys whistling, so I turned around and gave them a sexy look. The girls whispered, but I just smiled at them. Bitch.  

I found the principal's office and knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard a sweet female voice say. I walked in and smiled. First impressions are always important. "You're Nicole Smith, right?" she asked. "Yes, it's me" I said and laughed. "Well, here's your books, locker key and the classroom is in room 24" she said and me a pile of books. Fuck ... "Thanks" I muttered and walked out. I almost dropped the books many times, but I managed it. Someone pushed me, so all the books fell. I turned to as a bunch of guys who laughed. "Good job Justin" said one of the boys and patted this Justin on the shoulder. "Let me help you," a familiar voice said. "Alex?" I asked, shocked. "Don't worry about them" he said, hinting to idiots.

"Thanks" I said as he helped me over to my closet. "What grade did you get in?" he asked anxiously. "I don't know, but I am in Room 24" I said and looked at him. "What!? Me too" he said all fired. "Yayy! Could you show me the way?" I asked, laughing. "Let's go" he said. I turned to Justin and gave him a murderous look before I went forward with Alex.   "What is Justin's problem?" I asked after we had arrived in the classroom. It's still three minutes, so we just talked. "He is the school's badass and all the girls at school trying to talk to him, but he never talks to them" he said. "Who does he think he is?" I laughed. "Haha no idea, but he is in our class" he said, hinting to the guys who came into the classroom. "Too bad for them," I said and sat down on a random place. I saw that Justin was coming toward me, and he did not look happy.  


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