The new year

The bang and fizzle of the fireworks in the sky was echoed by the twelfth chime of the clock. Nothing matters anymore. The colours spread out , making the sky a never ending pallet to an unlimited artist. Fusion cascading the clouds, lit by the twinkle of the distant stars.
A new year.
Start as you mean to go on is the motto, but who really continues their quest?limitation we set ourselves when we know our capabilities will never match. But why?
We all know the answer; It's everywhere we go. Everyone knows that one word that explain every action, every thought, every memory. The one word so powerful that it can make anyone dream.
So before you even start to think this is completly irrelivant your wrong.... it's about YOU!


1. The count down

In the countdown to the new year we all wait with our families and friends, the people who mean the most to us. We share our hopes and dreams; and what we want from the year ahead.
But we never achieve it.
When you look around everything can be explained; whether it's by one word or one sentence, but they all link back to one thing... Hope.
All these resolutions are acclaimed to change our lives and make them better, or at least make us feel better in he mean time. We all know we won't ever do the things we intend to but, never the less we make our plans. Because, if you don't hope or dream of a promising future; what is there to look forward to? What is the point? Without hope everything falls apart. So, when the chime of the twelfth bell rings and the fizzle of the fireworks start to fade into the distant. The singing begins to bring us all bit of joy. A bit of hope for the year ahead... And the possibility of a new start!
Really, what I should be saying isn't why do we do this but, why don't some?
So to everyone that's reeding this, Happy New Year. And I know by the time you read this it will most likely be August , but don't debate the logic behind it just enjoy it... Enjoy the hope!
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