They Don't Know About Us

It all started on one cold December day at the Star Studios in Los Angeles, California. Madi and best friends Lexie and Kara were having a normal day at work until their boss scheduled a surprise recording for One Direction!! The girls were all big fans, but never expected they would meet the boys. Were all their dreams about to come true or would this just be another regular studio session?


4. The Nightmare

Madi’s POV: Before we went to bed I could tell something was wrong with Lex, she was acting really weird and she was looked sad. I was slowly drifting off to sleep when I heard a scream. I woke Kara and ran straight to Lexie’s room meeting the guys in the hall.  We went to Lexie’s bed and saw she was shaking and screaming in her sleep.” Lexie, Lexie wake up!!”

Lexie’s POV: I woke up to every one surrounding me yelling for me to wake up. Madi came to my side and said “Are you ok you were screaming you scared us!!” I replied quickly “I’m fine just had a nightmare” as everyone left Madi stayed and asked me a question “It was about him wasn’t it, that night?” “Yea” I said as she gave me a quick hug and left my room. The next morning I didn’t feel like getting out of bed so I just laid in my bed and eventually fell back to sleep.

Madi’s POV: We sat around the kitchen table in silence until Niall asked a question that was on all of our minds. “What happened last night?” Kara and I both looked at each other until I spoke up. “Three years ago Lex was dating this guy, and she tried to break up with him but he wouldn’t take no for an answer so he kidnapped her and took her into the woods and stabbed her and left her to die.” I left the room before tears came rolling down my eyes.

Zayn’s POV: The story Madi told us made me want to find that guy and slit his throat. It brought tears to all of our eyes I left and went to my room before tears started streaming down my face. I stayed in my room until Liam called us to lunch. I walked out hoping to see Lexie but she wasn’t there, I asked the boys were she was and they told me the girls left about an hour ago. I just slowly walked back to my room as tears filled my eyes again, I don’t know why I felt like this I mean I have a girlfriend for Christ’s Sake!!!

Niall’s POV:  Zayn just walked back to his room when we told him the girls had left. Maybe we should’ve told him they were coming back tomorrow. Well at least it will be a fun surprise. I was really excited to see Madi again; maybe we could talk more and get to know each other. Maybe even schedule a date or something like that.

Liam’s POV: I could see Niall smirk to himself as Zayn walked away. Did he know something we didn’t? I turned to Harry and he was off in his own little world until I slapped him out of it. “What was that for!?” He yelled at me, and I answered his question with another question. “Did you see the smirk on Niall’s face? “Ya what was that about?” “I don’t know, by the way where is Louis?” “In his room calling Eleanor.”

Kara’s POV: At work all I could think about was Harry he was so GORGEOUS!! I felt a chill run down my spine every time he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. But I always felt like Liam liked me, I just don’t feel the same way about him.

Madi’s POV: I was really excited to go see the boys again today but I was kind of nervous, I mean yesterday I got attacked by a random fan that thought I was dating Niall!!! But now that I think about it that doesn’t seem too bad. What am I thinking; Niall wouldn’t want to date a regular fan like me. Would he??

Harry’s POV: I didn’t know if I was going to tell Kara about the feelings I had for her. I knew I had really strong feelings for her but it might ruin our friendship, even though we’ve only known them for a day I think we will be hanging around them a lot more. I just hoped that Liam wasn’t all jumpy over Kara because I wanted her to be mine.

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