They Don't Know About Us

It all started on one cold December day at the Star Studios in Los Angeles, California. Madi and best friends Lexie and Kara were having a normal day at work until their boss scheduled a surprise recording for One Direction!! The girls were all big fans, but never expected they would meet the boys. Were all their dreams about to come true or would this just be another regular studio session?


10. Pick One Of Us

Kara’s POV: They had been on their dates for about an hour but I didn’t expect them to be back anytime soon. Me, Harry, and Liam were just sitting around talking and it was really fun, until they had to confess their feelings for me.

Harry’s POV: I really liked just talking to Kara but I wish Liam could be somewhere else. Louis went to go buy a present for Eleanor and grab some dinner and the others were still on their dates so it was just us three. I decided that I wanted to tell Kara how I felt so when she got up to grab a drink I followed her into the kitchen. I started “Kara I need to tell you something.” ”Go ahead Harry you can tell me anything” “Errm I really…” “What’s up Harry is everything ok?” I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed my lips up against hers and she slowly backed away. ”Harry-““I really like you Kara and I didn’t know how to tell you” she just blushed and walked out with no care in the world. I stayed there for a while and started walking out but then stopped when I heard Liam saying something “Kara I really like you and I want to be more than friends.” “Liam I- I don’t know what to say?!” “Just say you’ll be my girlfriend?!” “Well ok then I would love to be your girlfriend.” I couldn’t help myself; I burst out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs not caring they were trying to talk to me.

Liam’s POV: I can’t believe she just said she’d be my girlfriend I was so happy!! That’s when Harry burst into the room with tears in his eyes and ran up to his room without stopping when Kara called him. We spent the next half hour trying to talk to Harry but he locked himself in his room and refused to come out. When Louis came home he heard us yelling and asks us what’s wrong “He locked himself in his room and won’t talk to us!” Kara answered his questioned “Geez what did you guys do?” Louis added and I decided to answer “We don’t know, he was in the kitchen and I asked Kara to be my girlfriend and he just stormed out!” “Well congrats but I think we should just leave him alone for a bit” ”Ok” we both replied.

Louis’ POV: I had been out for a while deciding what I should get for Eleanor and finally thought of it, this was going to be the best present ever! I am going to give to her on her birthday which is in a few weeks and luckily we will be home for a short break at that time so it was good. I bought her present and headed home, when I got there I heard yelling and banging and went upstairs to see what was up. Liam and Kara told me and I knew what was up, Harry told me he had a crush on Kara and he must be upset that she’s with Liam.

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