They Don't Know About Us

It all started on one cold December day at the Star Studios in Los Angeles, California. Madi and best friends Lexie and Kara were having a normal day at work until their boss scheduled a surprise recording for One Direction!! The girls were all big fans, but never expected they would meet the boys. Were all their dreams about to come true or would this just be another regular studio session?


8. I'm Coming For You

Madi’s POV: Lexie called us and told us she had a date with Zayn, me and Kara got so excited but then the line dropped. I tried calling back hoping it would just be bad connection, but she didn’t answer. I was getting scared so I picked up Kara and we drove to Lexie’s house. When we got there I opened the door with my spare key and we walked in. It was a mess, the few pictures that were on the wall had fallen and shattered and the table for keys and phones was on its side. I looked up at Kara and I knew she thought the exact same thing “It’s Calvin, he’s come back for her!” I said breaking the silence. We decide we needed to go to the boys house to tell them but not before we relised a note on the door that read ‘I’ll find no matter how long it takes!’ signed by Calvin.

Louis’ POV: Niall and Zayn left about an hour ago to take the girls home and I was starting to wonder what was taking them so long. That’s when I heard a knock on the door with Kara and Madi on the other side. “What are you guys doing here I thought you were going home?” I asked. They looked at each other then at me and Kara spoke up “Lexie’s been taken!” “What how do you know that?” Harry said walking in “She called us to tell us Zayn asked her out but the line dropped-““So bad connection!” Harry replied “I wasn’t done yet! We went to her house and she wasn’t there and it was a mess and we found this” Madi said handing us a note. We read it and looked back at the girls, “We need to do something” I said “I know but as soon as he thinks the police are on to him he’ll kill her!” Kara replied, her voice shaking.

Harry’s POV: I was really getting worried because the boys weren’t home yet and the girls were here almost shaking with fear. I then heard the door slam open and jumped from my seat seeing Zayn walk in with Niall right behind him and Lexie following slowly. “LEXIE!! Are you ok, your house was a mess and you wouldn’t call back!? How did you get away?” Madi demanded. “What do you mean how did I get away?” Lexie replied confused “He didn’t take you? But your house was a mess, we thought Calvin came back!” Kara replied “He did-“” Well how’d you get away?” Madi questioned “Zayn hit him pretty hard” Lexie replied with a giggle.

Niall’s POV: I was so glad I was hungry and went to ask Lexie for food when I did otherwise she might be gone right now and her ex might have killed her. I was glad when we got home and Madi and Kara were there as well, now they can just stay another night.


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