They Don't Know About Us

It all started on one cold December day at the Star Studios in Los Angeles, California. Madi and best friends Lexie and Kara were having a normal day at work until their boss scheduled a surprise recording for One Direction!! The girls were all big fans, but never expected they would meet the boys. Were all their dreams about to come true or would this just be another regular studio session?


7. Going Home

Zayn POV: I looked at the clock and said “It’s getting late. Niall and I will take you guys home.” “Ok” They all said and got in the car.

*5 minutes later Madi’s house*

Niall’s POV: after we dropped off Kara we went to Madi’s house,I walked her to her door and said ”hey…do you maybe want to go yet some dinner some time” omg I just blew my chances with her until she said “I would love to go get something to eat some time.” “And walked in her house. I walked back to the car with a huge smirk on my face.

                                                               *5 minutes later Lexie’s house*

Zayn’s POV: Well we got to Lexie’s house and it was the perfect moment to ask her out. “So… umm Lexie about the kiss does that mean that we’re together” she leaned in and kissed me and said “does that answer your question” and walked in her house.

Lexie’s POV: As soon as I got in my house I called up my two best friends we were all talking about what just happened when I heard my doorbell ring. I went to answer it when I saw Calvin’s face I tried to shut the door when his hand blocked it and said “I’ve been waiting for you but you never came back he said with an evil looking smirk on his face. “w-what do you want C-Calvin” I say scared to death. “Oh I just want you back babe please” I pushed harder at the door but he was stronger than me he pinned me up ageist the wall then he slapped me in the face right as walks in with Liam.

Niall’s POV: “Hey Le-“I stopped when I saw this guy pinning Lexie up to the wall. When Zayn walked in he was clinching his fist and then ran at the guy pulling him away from Lexie he starts hitting him, and then finally he takes off down the street. “OMG Lexie are you ok?” “Ya I’m fine but thanks” she says as Zayn is pulling her into a hug. “Lexie you’re staying with us tonight” says Zayn

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