They Don't Know About Us

It all started on one cold December day at the Star Studios in Los Angeles, California. Madi and best friends Lexie and Kara were having a normal day at work until their boss scheduled a surprise recording for One Direction!! The girls were all big fans, but never expected they would meet the boys. Were all their dreams about to come true or would this just be another regular studio session?


5. Breakup

Lexie POV: I kind of didn’t want to go back to the boy’s house because of last night they might think I’m weird. But something inside me wanted to go back; I felt welcomed and needed while I was there. Madi finished getting her stuff and we headed off to their house. Once we got their the guys ran up to us and gave us all hugs but Zayn wasn’t there “Umm guys were is Zayn?” I asked “He’s in his room but I wouldn’t bother him he’s not feeling too well” Louis answered my question. I couldn’t stand not knowing if he was ok so when I got the chance I snuck off to his room and I saw him lying on his bed surrounded by pillows. I started walking out but then I heard him softly say “You don’t have to leave” so I walked over to his side a sat on the edge of the bed. He raised his head and his eyes were red and puffy I guess from a lot of crying. “Are you ok Zayn?” “Perrie broke up with me” he said letting a tear fall from his eye. I reached up and wiped it away and said trying to cheer him up “She’s stupid and doesn’t know how amazing you are!!” he gave me a small smile.  

Zayn’s POV: When I saw those big brown eyes I fell in love. She was there when I needed her, when Perrie told me things weren’t working out I was devastated. When her warm hand wiped the tears from my cheek I felt a spark run through my body I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me back, and she walked out like nothing happened I had a huge smirk on my face.

Authors Note: Sorry for the short chapter but thats where it needs to end!:)

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