One Night

When Taylor and Eleanor are away, Harry and Louis will play. A night of hanging out turns into deep talks and a changed friendship. Warning: boy/boy.


1. Goodbye, Eleanor.

Warning: Infidelity, Homosexuality, Language.  

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the people in this story. This is just for fun.

Louis stood in front of his house, a red suitcase dangling from his hand. Anyone who was watching him would think the boy was going on a trip. That person would be wrong.

Louis was thankful that it wasn't him going on holiday; instead it was his girlfriend Eleanor. He was merely holding her suitcase for her.

The girl in question was furiously texting on her rhinestone-covered iPhone. "Sorry, babe," Eleanor sheepishly apologized when she saw the bored look on Louis face. 

"No, it's okay. I don't mind." 

He secretly did mind. As much as he enjoyed being around Eleanor, he had been thrilled when she was invited to go to Hawaii. Quite surprisingly, the invitation had come from the famous American musician Taylor Swift, who was also Harry Styles' fake girlfriend. But more on that later.

Speaking of Harry...

The curly- haired boy had just walked outside, along with the other boys of One Direction, who had spent the night at Louis'.

"We figured you needed some company," Niall spoke up. Always the sweetheart. Louis smiled gratefully at his friends, but his eyes were trained on Harry, who looked a little miserable.

"This is getting ridiculous." Louis forced himself not to roll his eyes at Eleanor's complaints.

"We've only been waiting for the chauffeur for ten minutes," Louis said, trying to be patient. 

While Eleanor went on to explain that ten minutes IS a long time, Louis thought about how he did feel some annoyance, not at how long they had to wait, but that his friend and girlfriend had to ride in a limo in the first damn place.

Everyone was capable of driving themselves to the airport, but Management insisted on making Eleanor and Harry' s arrival a publicity stunt.

That' s probably why Harry looks sad, Louis thought, while quietly going over to put a comforting hand on his best mate's shoulder. 

Although Louis didn't have to see Eleanor off- thank God, he hated publicity shit- Harry had to be seen with Taylor, which he wasn't too thrilled about.

"I can see the magazine heading now, 'Haylor going strong as Taylor and Harry reunite at U.K. airport'. It might make your mum cry." 

Harry couldn't help but laugh when Louis made fun of the press.

"That's lovely, Louis, maybe you should be a reporter

"I'd rather be the Queen's lapdog, mate."

Before Harry could get out a witty response, his phone pinged, indicating a text.

"Taylor's flight just landed," Harry sighed. He liked Taylor, sure, but he couldn't stand the fake relationship, especially since he loved someone else...

He snuck a quick look at Louis, a look filled with more than platonic feelings.

"Cheer up, we're still having a Bro Weekend."

Harry's heart fluttered. Being alone with Louis in the near future and the sight of the limo finally arriving made his depression disappear.

"Save a seat on the couch for me, darling," Harry teased.


"Will do, love."

Louis winked then went to bid Eleanor farewell. 

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