The Were-Wolves and The Vampires

Jessica Smith was a normal girl with a normal life in Scotland, until she moved to L.A to live with her dad. She meets a guy named Skyler Brown from the moment she met him she knew there was something different about him, but then she gets kidnapped by John a Vampire.
Later on she gets attacked by John, but does she survive?


4. The Kidnapping


I ended up being really ill so I had to stay of school for the rest of the week. Then the next 2 weeks were pretty boring but then Saturday came around, Skyler’s party, I had my blonde hair curled and down and wore a mixi dress and high heels, I hated having to walk through that forest it was creepy, but I got to Skyler’s house fine, did I mention that we were best friends now? His house was really big and I walked in and saw Skyler but I just kind of wandered around for a bit, Skyler found me and came over so we just talked for ages, there was this guy John, he had black hair and brown eyes and was as pale as snow, he creeped me out as he kept staring at me, I didn’t mention it to Skyler though, after the party finished we were still talking while everyone else left so I was the last to leave but still I didn’t mind the forest was even scarier at midnight I thought I heard someone behind me but convinced myself I was imagining things then suddenly a hand went over my mouth to stop me from screaming and lifted me up and carried me away I looked at the man’s face, it was John, he threw me into the back of a van then drove through Hollywood into the roughest part I’ve seen and took me into a horrible building then tied me to the wall with rope so hard that it started cutting through my skin but I didn’t dare scream scared of what John would do to me so I said “Why are you doing this?” my voice was so shaky and quiet but he still herd me “because I want to keep u here so shut it” I did as he said the he came over to me and reached for the hem of my dress but before he could do anything I kicked him so hard that he fell over and I managed to cut through the rope on a piece of glass.

I made a run for it the only problem was I had no clue where I was going and I think it was about 2 am I was so scared. I was running so fast I wasn’t looking where I was going and kicked over some trash cans the fell so I got back up and continued running but I bumped into something or should I say someone.

The guy turned round with a knife in his hand so I screamed but then I realised it was Skyler and I started crying “Jess? What’s wrong? Why are you here?” he asked obviously really shocked to find me here “H h he took m me” I stumbled out “Who took you?” he said whilst he took my hands “Who did this to you? He sounded angry now, “J john I was walking home th through the forest and he g grabbed me, t took me here and trapped m me in there” I managed to tell him, under his breath he muttered something the said “Come on, I’ll take you back to my place and try to explain this to you” then took me to his car and drove through the forest straight to his house.

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