The Were-Wolves and The Vampires

Jessica Smith was a normal girl with a normal life in Scotland, until she moved to L.A to live with her dad. She meets a guy named Skyler Brown from the moment she met him she knew there was something different about him, but then she gets kidnapped by John a Vampire.
Later on she gets attacked by John, but does she survive?


5. The Explanation


“Skyler why is Jess here?” Skyler’s dad asked him “John” he said only one word was needed and his dad left us alone. “Right im going to try and explain this to you but you need to do 4 things for me” he looked so calm but in his eyes I could see worry.  “Ok what do I need to do?” I replied my voice was so shaky and tears still stung at my eyes “Don’t freak out until im finished explaining, don’t tell anyone about this, remember I will never hurt you and that I will always protect you” “Ok” I said but he could tell I was scared as hell and confused about what he said “Ok, you may have heard of vampires and were wolves, and don’t go crazy but they do exist my family and I are were wolves” “W what” I said in astonishment “You have to be joking me” “Im not and you have to believe everything I say for this to make sense, right so as I was saying we’re were wolves, and we have soul mates, not what you when you love someone so much that you think that, we actually have soul mates given to us by the gods. I’ll explain the gods another time, and then there’s the vampires, John’s a vampire.” This was all making my head hurt so much I thought I might pass out all this stuff about were wolves and vampires, my first friend here was a were wolf and what did he mean by soul mates, I know he said he would never hurt me but he could if he freaked out, he could even kill me!

“W what do you mean? Your winding me up, you have to be there’s no way any of this could be real” I was almost crying  I was so scared and so tired. “Are you ok? Do you want me to go on?” his eyes were full of worry for me, probably wondering what I would do. “Go on the sooner you’ve finished explaining the sooner I can go to bed” I said to him, “Ok so back to John his whole blood line are vampires and will keep growing, his family have been at war with my family for centuries, and John has wanted to find my soul mate for years and years so he could harm her and possibly kill her or turn her to bring me great pain, you see if your soul mate dies then you don’t get another. You can also sense when the other is in trouble, and please don’t freak out but since you came to Hollywood I started feeling a weird connection and then at school it got stronger, then when you sat next to me in English it was really strong and then I knew what it was, your my soul mate.” I just stared at him in shock I never said but I was feeling a little tingling whenever I was near Skyler, and now he told me what it was I was really kind of scared for some reason, “So what you’re saying is that your family are were wolves, John’s are vampires, he wants to harm me to get to you, the reason you showed up in the ally was because you could feel me in trouble, and the reason we have so much in common is because we’re soul mates, when were you ever going to tell me?!” I was almost shouting now.

“Jess please calm down” his voice was soft and soothing, but I wouldn’t listen to him, “Calm down? You expect me to be calm after what you just told me?” I got up and walked to the door but he sure was fast and strong and got in front of me before I could get out “Jess you’re not going anywhere” Skyler said with a bit of firmness in his voice “Why so you can wolf up on me? I think you’ll find im going home and in fact I think I might just go back to Scotland neither you nor John knows which part of Scotland I live in so I will be safe there, now get out of my way!” I felt bad for shouting at Skyler he was my best friend after all, but at that moment I didn’t care I just wanted to go home and slip into bed. “Fine, but I’m taking you home” Skyler said “No you’re not, if you sense me in trouble you can come get me” I said with a matter of fact attitude and I stormed out of his house to go home I had a slight problem though, it was 4 am how was I going to sneak in?

Luckily I managed to get home really fast and I got in from the garden stairs that go up to my bedroom balcony and I had my key with me so I got in safely, I went to my wardrobe and got changed into my PJ’s and went to sleep, all I did though was dream about Skyler for some reason, I decided I wasn’t going to go to school on Monday and if he really wanted to see me he could come find me, I spent the whole of Sunday in bed trying to get him out of my head, it was nearly impossible I had my curtains closed but I heard a knock on the balcony doors I opened the curtain to see who it was and it was Skyler I just closed the curtains and went back to bed, then he text me Jess please open the door or I will just have to break it down I sent back fine.. So I went over to the door and unlocked it and let him in I went over to my bed and sat on it, Skyler took a seat on the chair beside the table “Nice room Jess” “Thanks, what do you want I kind of want to be on me own, im not trying to be rude I would just rather be on my on today.” I said softly “I just wanted to make sure you were ok” “If I wasn’t you would be able to feel it, since you’re the stronger one and all I can feel is a tingle that’s very annoying” I said to him “Sorry that was rude of me, do you want anything to eat or drink?” I politely asked him “No thanks im good” “Ok then I’ll be right back, you can look around the floor if you want, it’s all my rooms up here” I said then walked out I went down the stairs today when I got to the kitchen Jacob, one of dads workers was there “Hi Jess, so who’s that guy I saw going up to your room?” he asked whilst laughing “Hi Jacob, and it’s just my friend Skyler” I said to him whilst getting a drink of water “Could you get Simon to put out some sun beds for me?” I asked Jacob “Yeah sure well just don’t do something you’ll regret up there” and walked away “Jacob!” then went in the lift to go back up to my room when I got there Skyler was standing in the doorway with his shirt off “Um what are you doing?” I hated to admit it but he was really well built I almost dropped my glass when I saw him, then to end the awkward silence my laptop started beeping, a Skype call from Georgina “Who’s Georgina?” Skyler asked, “One of my best friends back in Scotland, she’s the one with the brown hair” I sais whilst I pointed at the picture “Put your shirt on before I answer this” I told him and he did as I said and came and sat beside me on the bed I clicked answer with video for the call “Hi Jess how are who’s that?” she was away to say how are you but then she saw Skyler beside me and her eyes lit up “Georgina this is my friend Skyler, Skyler this is one of my best friends Georgina” “Nice to meet you Georgina” Skyler said “Nice to meet you too, wait is this the Skyler your always talking about?” “Shut up Georgina!” Skyler just laughed then Georgina said “Got to go im meeting up with Tara and Kelsey to go shopping love ya” “Love ya too have fun” then she went offline.

“Great that was awkward” I muttered  “So you talk about me a lot then?” “No… yeah” I said to him really embarrassed he just laughed “I’ve got to go to the toilet I’ll be right back” then walked to the bathroom went to the toilet, then went and got dressed.

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