The Were-Wolves and The Vampires

Jessica Smith was a normal girl with a normal life in Scotland, until she moved to L.A to live with her dad. She meets a guy named Skyler Brown from the moment she met him she knew there was something different about him, but then she gets kidnapped by John a Vampire.
Later on she gets attacked by John, but does she survive?


1. The Beginning


 That night, Saturday 16th. How could I ever forget it? The night I found out who they were.

I’m probably not making any sense here, so I’ll take it back to the day I moved to Hollywood, L. A.

I got to the airport at 2 pm, Dad was standing there waiting for me outside the airport in his Black BMW. “Sweetie it’s so good to see you again and you’re here to stay this time” My dad said whilst he hugged me. “It’s good to be here dad, it was just too cold in Scotland, and mum was getting too stressed.” I replied, “I know sweetie, come on lets go home, I’ve saved you 5 rooms in the mansion a study, bathroom, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, I remembered the rooms you said you wanted so I saved them all for you” “Thanks dad, when do I start school?” “In a few weeks, I thought that would be enough time for you to settle in” “Cool”. We got in the car and started driving it’s about a 20 minute drive in the BMW. This time it was dad driving not the chauffeur. Let me explain, my dad owns a very big very rich business, James Smith Cars, it’s a luxury car company for the rich and famous, that’s how he owns a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

We got to the mansion, just as big as I remember when it was getting built, so massive. Dad unloaded my bags from the boot of the car and one of his workers came to take my bags to the guest room. “You’re going to be staying in the guest suite for a bit sweetie, so you can design all your rooms to your liking shouldn’t take you too long though” My dad told me. “Sarah take Jessica to her room and show her around for me I need to go to a meeting in town” My dad said to one of the workers Sarah. “Yes Mr James” she said as dad got back in the car. Sarah was a very pretty girl, short black hair, green eyes and pale skin with just the right amount of make up on.

“Hi Sarah” I said trying to be polite, “Hello Miss Jessica, welcome home, I will show you to your room.” She replied “Please call me Jess, I don’t go by Jessica anymore” “Yes Jess, now I will show you to your room, please follow me.” As I walked through the door I was blown away by the magnificent house. My dad had decorated the kitchen with black marble. I was beautiful I only saw a little though since I only passed it. There’s  4 floors in the house, my rooms were on the 4th floor perfect view over all of L.A. “The guest rooms are situated on the 2nd floor” Sarah informed me. “If you wish to start designing your rooms there are special computers in each that will let you purchase anything you want for that room” “Thank you Sarah, where are the computers? I would like to video chat with my friends back in Scotland” I asked. “If you follow me I’ll take you to them Jacob has already put you bags in the guest suite.” She told me “Thanks”.

I got to the computers and immediately logged onto Skype, luckily Tara Scott, Kelsey Lucas and Georgina Wills my best friends were online so I started a group chat with them.

“OMG” were the first words they all said when they saw the room behind me, “nice to see you guys too” I said whilst laughing “Is that honestly your dad’s house?” Kelsey asked “Yeah it is, I told you guys he was rich” I replied “Yeah but you didn’t say own a massive mansion get whatever you want rich” Georgina said. “I promise once I’ve done my floor, yes I get a whole floor of the house to myself, that I’ll get dad to pay for your flights so you guys can come out here for a bit” I told them. “Yay!” said Tara “sooo seen any cute guys yet?” Georgina asked “Trust you to ask that, and no I haven’t since I’ve just arrived” I said to her. “Sorry guys I’ve got to go I want to decorate my room so I can settle in properly, love ya” I told them. “ Love ya” They said back, then I went offline.

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