The Were-Wolves and The Vampires

Jessica Smith was a normal girl with a normal life in Scotland, until she moved to L.A to live with her dad. She meets a guy named Skyler Brown from the moment she met him she knew there was something different about him, but then she gets kidnapped by John a Vampire.
Later on she gets attacked by John, but does she survive?


8. More to come!

Thanks for reading this book, I would love to hear what you think about this book!

I am going to write a sequel to this but Im not sure when as I am currently writing several other stories - Ancient Magic, Dance of my life, The Ultimates 1+2(I;m finished book 1 so i'll upload that soon) and Alexis and the vampire. I am also writing a story called Kidnapped by a vampire but i'm not sure wether to continue it or not.

As you can see Im writing several stories, I do that because a) If I get bored writing one I can go onto another b)So i dont lose story ideas.


Once again I hoped you enjoyed this book!

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