London Love (1D)

Kara , 17 going on 18, is moving to London with her best friend Katelyn (18). Since she is old enough she has decided to move to London, away from all the drama from home. She applied for a job in a bakery, and so did Harry Styles from One Direction. they get close, maybe too close too soon? And harry has to go on tour.... what will happen? will they stay together? will they go there separate ways? will they ever see each other again?

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8. What's wrong with louis???

katelyn's P.O.V.

I was walking to work, since i didnt have a car yet. I felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned around and it was loui. We were just having a normal convosation: asking how eachother were, and what we've been up to.

" so where are you going?" loui asked

"just work, what about you?"

" going to get my hair cut"

" oh i work at a hairdresser's" i prompted.

"which one do you work in?"

"the one down the road from the computor shop"

"oh thats the one am going to, what a coinsadence"

we kept talking about stuff on the way there. Loui took a seat on the couches (once we got there), i looked ont the computor to see who was cutting his hair, the person that was ment to do it wasnt in so it said that i would do it today! i had butterflies in my stomach, he was the most hottest personin my life, i loved him sooo much. i built up the courage and went to tell louis to take a seat on the chair so i could wash his hair. i popped into a room to get a towel to put around his neck and one for later. we were talking about random stuff. when i started cutting his hair, i asked about what happened between him and eleanor.

"well, we were at the fair, and i was getting some candy floss, while i was getting it, i was talking to my cousin who was selling it and she wanted to talk to me so we went to the side of the van and she was telling me stuff she needed to let out. when she finished i gave her a hug and said bye when i turned around to go back to el she wasnt there i saw her running. thats when we were standing on the path and thats when i said she was only my cousin but she didnt believe me and she said i was lying and then she dumped me" louis replied.  i felt so sorry for him he didnt do anythiung he was telling the truth and she didnt believe him. i just said " i am so sorry" and then he said he would get over it, and that he will find someone better. I finished his hair and brought him over to the till. he paid and was about to walk off, when i grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. i could tell he was surprised.

" to cheer you up i will take you out for a drink or dinner soon to take your mind off things, if you want?" i said .

"sure thanks, that would help a lot."

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