London Love (1D)

Kara , 17 going on 18, is moving to London with her best friend Katelyn (18). Since she is old enough she has decided to move to London, away from all the drama from home. She applied for a job in a bakery, and so did Harry Styles from One Direction. they get close, maybe too close too soon? And harry has to go on tour.... what will happen? will they stay together? will they go there separate ways? will they ever see each other again?

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2. Time To Talk.

katelyn's P.O.V.


I was in my drama class,looking through my script when suddenly i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I bolted my head up straight and looked around the classroom. My drama teacher, miss.McCarthy but she lets us call her Becca, notised something was wrong.

"Are you ok katelyn?"

"ye could i just go get some water? My mouth is a bit dry!" i made up

"course! dont be to long though we need you in 15 mins to go through rehersals!"

I thanked her and went out of the classroom and walked to the canteen. I asked the canteen lady for a bottle of ice water. I sat down on one of the tables and looked at my phone. It was katra. Typicall. What could she want this time?

kara: hia sorry to stop u in ya dram class but i need to talk!

me: whats wrong?

Kara: my parents again :(

me: what have they done this time?....

kara: I said about the london thing and that i wanted to dance their and they just didnt approve so yano we had a raw!

me: aww hope your ok!? ill be at urs straight after todays drama session? is tha ok

kara: ye its fine what time?

me: about an hour, hour and a half?

kara: okay see ya in a bit!

me: bye x

kara was always fighting with her parents. She still does! me and kara have always wanted to go to london to live our lifes and do our dream job. My mum said she was happy with whatever i done as long i thought about it and i was sure i wanted to do it. in a way i feel sorry for kara because she cant really do what she wants but i am gonna go see her soon to make sure everything is ok!




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