London Love (1D)

Kara , 17 going on 18, is moving to London with her best friend Katelyn (18). Since she is old enough she has decided to move to London, away from all the drama from home. She applied for a job in a bakery, and so did Harry Styles from One Direction. they get close, maybe too close too soon? And harry has to go on tour.... what will happen? will they stay together? will they go there separate ways? will they ever see each other again?

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3. "Katelyn were going to london"

Kara's P.O.V.


so i was just lying on my bed waitng for katelyn to come around. It seemed forever. My dad kept knocking on the door shouting my name quite loud ! i just ignored him. After a while my mum would sometime come and try to talk to me but i would ignore her aswell. My phone started ringing *they dont know about the things we do they dont know about the i love you's but i bet ya if they-* Katelyn and i love one direction ! they are my ring tone as you can tell (1D--They dont know about us). I looked at the caller ID and saw that is was katelyn, but i call her louis carrot ( nickname) and she calles me harrys taco (nickname). i said hello and she said she was outside my door. i said just walk in. i could hear someone coming up stars. i wasnt sure who it was because it could have been my parents or katelyn. *knock at the door* "who is it?" I asked. "it's me katelyn" " ok come in" She entered the room looking quite worried. She rushed over to me as if I was hurt. I was in a way but not physically. I told her everything and she seemed quite shocked with my choice of words and actions. She said that I done the write thing in a way. I take that as a compliment. "are you still gonna do it" katelyn asked and I was confused. "do what?" " you know, going to London ?" she asked me in a kind of whisper. "ye of course, will you come with me?" I asked her, she paused for a minute before answering. "well my mum doesn't mind where I go as long am sure, so ye why not want to live my dream there as well" I must say I never thought she would come with me but I am glad she is. "katelyn were going to London" We both screamed up and down in joy.

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