London Love (1D)

Kara , 17 going on 18, is moving to London with her best friend Katelyn (18). Since she is old enough she has decided to move to London, away from all the drama from home. She applied for a job in a bakery, and so did Harry Styles from One Direction. they get close, maybe too close too soon? And harry has to go on tour.... what will happen? will they stay together? will they go there separate ways? will they ever see each other again?

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11. HIde,Seek and Kiss....

Kara's P.O.V.

so we were going to be playing 'hide and seek......with kissing'! i know it sounds like a lot of fun but, imagine a member of One Direction kissng you (which would be great,right?), but your dating one of them and the rest dont know! worst of all what if i end up kissing katelyn? that would be awkward, and horrible .

i wasn't so sure on the rules so when evryone went to go and hide, Harry was explaining the rules to me. Basically everyone will hide in a room, it can be the same or different, and if someone was going to kiss you they wouldnt be able to ask who you are. It's like your not really aloud to talk.

"oh and Kara!" harry said. 

"yeah?" i replied.

"hide in the cupboard next to the 2nd bedroom" and with that i smiled and walked away.

To be honest i was quite nervous. I have kissed boys before, but i've known them really well, and they haven't been famous! I heard Harry coming upstairs and i started getting butterflies proper bad. He entered the cupboard and closed the door. I felt his breathing on my neck and my heart started beating fast. His lips pressed against mine, and it felt amazing! He forced his tounge into my mouth and put his hand up my top. I thought it was going a bit too fast considering it was our first kiss, so i pulled away.

"whats wrong? didn't you like it?" harry asked. I felt bad because he thought he done something wrong.

"nothings wrong, its just that its are first kiss and i dont want it to be, ya know? ..... too complicated, and plus we have been a bit long and the others are most probably wondering whwere we are" and then Harry grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. The boys and katelyn were down there, and i think she told them that me and harry were dating. The boys pulled harry to the side (in the kitchen), and louis started talking to him.

"why did you tell them?" i asked

"they deserve to know., their his band mates!" that was true but she didn't have to tell them now! " oh and they boys wanted me to tell you to be careful, they dont want you to be heart broken if something goes wrong!"

"FINE! but Harry won't do anything to me, and why would he break my heart? he told me he was really into me he woldnt do that to me, would he?" i asked the last part quite unsure.

"thats what i said to the boys bu they said that he's changed and become a bit of a player, so i'd watch out, and be careful if i was you Kara".

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