London Love (1D)

Kara , 17 going on 18, is moving to London with her best friend Katelyn (18). Since she is old enough she has decided to move to London, away from all the drama from home. She applied for a job in a bakery, and so did Harry Styles from One Direction. they get close, maybe too close too soon? And harry has to go on tour.... what will happen? will they stay together? will they go there separate ways? will they ever see each other again?

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7. Harry's Texts...

Kara's P.O.V

Ok so my texts from Harry are getting a little bit too much. I've had about 7 texts from him! As hanna and i got back to our hotel room, i checked my texts from Harry.

This is what they read

1) hellloooooo its Harry....

2) are u ok?

3)where are you??

4) are u excited for work? we will see eachother a lot? ;)

5) what hotel are you staying in?......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6) i need to see you again......

7) could we meet up maybe??? and get to know each other a bit more???.....

what would i say back? i couldn't just ignore him! he's harry styles for god sake. i decided to text him back with:

hey fine u? i am a bit excited for work i suppose...umm why would u need to see me again? and what do u mean get to know me a bit more......

with in a second he replied back:

ummm am fine..about the meeting up thing could we just talk about it in work tomorrow?i think that would be better! :) well for me anyway 

strange? i sent him a text back saying:

oh ok ! see u in work tomorrow then i need to go now bye .............

i didnt really have to go it was just a little bit to awkward. I left my phone on my bed and went to the bathroom to have a shower and get in my pyjamas. (it was 10:30pm). i got out of the shower and i was in my pyjamas and i had a towel wrapped around my head.

My phone buzzed and i looked at it. it was Harry? strange i ended the conversation with him. he said 'i love you too' why would he say that thats when i saw that some one had explained that i loved him millions?? i never said that .... i turned to katelyn and asked her if she knew anything about it but she said she didnt. i knew it was her who else could it be? I kept bugging her saying it was you it was.... she gave in and said it was her.

i text harry back saying 'i dont love you it was my friend hanna teasing me haha!' he just replied with a said face what was wrong with him? i would talk to him tomorrow

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