What Do I Do?!

When 16 year old Ashley finds out her crush likes her, will she ask him out? Or will she pretend she never had feelings for him, and pretend nothing ever happened?


3. Parents go out of town

My mum and dad are out of town the whole week, would you like to stay at my house? I asked James. He simply said "sure, should I come over after school"? Mmm-hmm. I said. We went to art and we had to go into partners, me and James were obviously together. We all had to paint a portrait of our partners. In the end me and James pretty much had a paint fight and still ended up completing the assignment! After school when he came over we made cupcakes together and watched a scary movie. We were both cuddling up together on the couch when I got really scared of the movie and screamed. James rubbed my back and whispered to me, "don't worry love, I'm here. Ill keep you safe". Aww! He's such a perfect boyfriend!
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