What Do I Do?!

When 16 year old Ashley finds out her crush likes her, will she ask him out? Or will she pretend she never had feelings for him, and pretend nothing ever happened?


8. He's just a jerk!

The next day at school, me James and Lucy were sitting in history class and James was holding my hand under the desk. Even though he didn't care if anyone new we were dating. Anyways, what happened was this idiot came up to the three of us and he was like to Lucy, "Your sexy you know that? Baby why don't you come over tonight? We gonna have loads of fun." James just told him to leave Lucy alone and I told him that she didn't want him. He just replied with "let the girl decide on that." Then he looked at Lucy waiting for an answer. Lucy said "go away! I don't want you or your stupid pick up lines!" He just said "you know what girl, I don't want your ugly face at ma house!" And walked off. Lucy thanked us for sticking up for her and she left class. -she had to go home early-. When class was over we were walking to English class holding hands when the asshole behind us says "ooohhhh look who has a girlfriend!" We ignored him. "Aw look at that they're holding hands!" Go away! James replied. "We'll that sure isn't what your 'girlfriend said last night!" James knew that was a lie since me and James were together watching movies. But James just told him to shut up. He said "hey Ashley? I'm surprised those jeans for you since your ass cheeks are the size of watermelons!" James let go of my hand instantly and beat this guy to the ground. The idiots nose was bleeding and he ended up with a broken arm. He calmly walked over to me grabbed my hand and said nobody insults my beautiful princess and gets away with it.
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