What Do I Do?!

When 16 year old Ashley finds out her crush likes her, will she ask him out? Or will she pretend she never had feelings for him, and pretend nothing ever happened?


2. He likes me!?

This morning was the same routine as yesterday's. but at recess when me, Lucy and James were sitting together on the floor eating our food, Lucy left for a toilet break. As soon as she left James looked at me and said, "Ashley..? You are so beautiful and after all these years being best friends I've always had a mad crush on you". He leaned in and passionately kissed me. He pulled away and asked, "will you be my girlfriend"? I sat there like an idiot not knowing what to say until he looked at me and asked "Ashley.. Did you hear what I said"? Yeah.. Um sorry haha.. Of course I will! I said. He once again kissed me for which seemed like forever, until Lucy got back from the toilets and cleared her throat *cough* *cough* um.. What the hell are you two doing!?!? Lucy asked. Um.. James said. Ashley's my girlfriend now. And James is my boyfriend. I said. Well I'm going to let you two love birds 'talk'. Lucy said while walking away. James took me by my had and walked me to the very back of the school where we were alone and it was quiet. I told him that I've also had a crush on him for all these years. He said nothing and just pushed me against the wall slowly and gently and we kissed. A very, very long kiss. The bell rang and we walked back to class.
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