What Do I Do?!

When 16 year old Ashley finds out her crush likes her, will she ask him out? Or will she pretend she never had feelings for him, and pretend nothing ever happened?


7. He gained my parents trust

I was now in tears because of how sweet his speech was! All that my dad said was "who ever would make my little princess a speech like that can keep her". And he smiled. You could just see James' face light up with joy and relief. He was so cute when he thanked my dad. He would not stop saying thankyou! James then saw me sitting on the steps crying and he looked at my dad and asked if he could come sir with me my dad said yes. James ran so fast to me, he sat next to me and kept asking me if I was ok and what was wrong he said he was going to kill whoever hurt his baby girl! I told him I was fine and he kissed me for a whole 20 minutes.
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