What Do I Do?!

When 16 year old Ashley finds out her crush likes her, will she ask him out? Or will she pretend she never had feelings for him, and pretend nothing ever happened?


1. Going back to school

I woke up this morning and I realised I was going to be late for the first day back at school. I quickly did my hair into a messy bun, but on a pair of dark skinny jeans, popped on a cute printed T-Shirt, slipped on some pink vans got my back pack and rushed out the door. I waited for the bus for about two minutes until the bus arrived. I walked into the bus when I realised that my friend Lucy and my crush James were already on the bus. Me, Lucy and James are like best friends but James has no idea that I am MADLY in love with him. I walked over to them and politely hugged them both and asked them how they were. They both replyed with with, "I'm good how are you"? I'm great, thanks! I said. I sat down in the row of seats next to theirs and we all talked about what we did in the holidays. Around five minutes later we arrived at school. We all god out went to our lockers and walked to history class. Today was just a boring day at school.

~Time skip to next day~
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