my first imagine elisabeth+harry

elisabeth is a british college student whos boyfriend harry has been her bestfriend since birth.


1. flowers


       As I walked out of the towering building, i'd walked in several hours before in the early hours of that morning, I felt the wind whistle through my hair and heard its breeze tickle the leaves on the ground. People copied my daily pattern and looked for their cars or headed down towards town. My name is Elisabeth, and I live in the largest city of Great Britain. London is only my current residence, my hometown of Holmes Chapel is where it all started.

     I flowed through the streams of people eager to be home. Alas, I reached my cozy location, hopefully to find a curly haired boy on my sofa. I walked up the winding staircase and found my door last one on the right unlocked it and let myself in. "Oh, good morning, love." he said rising from the sofa to kiss me. I smirked at him because it was not 'morning' it was four in the afternoon, but it was his morning because he had a gig that night with his band. Harry, had been my best friend for eighteen years and boyfriend fo two. He'd pucked up the courage to ask me to a dance and we had been cuddley ever since.

     "How was the gig last night?" I asked him as I took off my coat and put it in the closet. He shrugged, as usual. I sighed and went to the bathroom for a steamy shower. Lately Harry's been very off, he never talks about his gigs or wants to go out. I take off my clothes and step into the downpouring water and wish for it take the stress away. College had been harder than ever and Harry hadn't been much support. We used to go out with friends and do couple things, it was like he'd got tired of it, or me.

    I dried off and came out of the bathroom in my towel, living room empty. Did he have another gig and forgot to tell me? Must be. I headed over to the small bedroom we shared and opened the dresser for pajamas. When I heard the apartment door shut I knew  he was back. "Harry can we talk, nothing serious, I hope..." I say loudly enough for him to hear  a room away.

     "Huh?" he replies back.

     "I need to talk to you-" he was standing in front  of  the door with a bouquet of twenty red roses, on my corsage he gave me years ago was a red rose, since then roses had always made me weak.

     "I'm so sorry I've not been there for you lately, I don't know what's gotten into me. Will you forgive me, Lis?" I smiled at him like an idiot and walked over and hugged him.

     "I forgive you, Harry." I grabbed the roses from him and he kissed me on the forehead.

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