2. this is the life


Once they were home after a excruciatingly long journey they all went through the house to the living room they were literally holding a piece of Ollie's life each, the bed, the food, the food bowl, the water bowl and of course trailing after them all was one tiny little Ollie.    Now i say one tiny little Ollie for the case of comparison the size of ollie compared to his luggage if that is the right word for it is huge, Ollie the family set out Ollie's living quarters and went  is small and the luggage is collosal so you can start to picture it.   the family went and prepared their dinner that was everyone but Sophie she had managed to steal one of her younger sister's (Ella)  teddy bears and was throwing it about when Ella asked what she was doing she realised that it was her teddy she made a lunge for the teddy Sophie hadn't realised that it was Mr. fluffy one of Ella's best teddies but just at that moment Ollie jumped from behind them both and speedily grabbed Ella's teddy and ran off with it!  
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