3. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"That cheeky dog," squealed Ella as they both scrambled to their feet to chase their new family member when suddenly a screech of tyres braking heavily came from the front of the house. Everyone ran to the front door dad had left the door  wide open. And Ollie was gone...    Sophie and Ella ran outside to the car and there laying limp and lame was their new pet. Dejected, sorrowful, miserable these words don't even come close to describing how the family felt on that day dad had taken himself off upstairs to his room as he was really angry with himself.    Sophie was sat on the garden wall watching the police and her mum and the driver all looking sorrowfully down at the dog who hadn't even spent one night at his new home. Sophie thought also that it was her fault as if she had just given the teddy to her now glum looking sister all this wouldn't of happened.   Night came fast that day and Sophie couldn't sleep she couldn't help what happened what could she of done it could of ended a lot worse if she tried to save him it could be her scooped up and laid outside the garage and then her sister heard her muttering all these thoughts.   Ella crawled into her sisters bed it will be alright dad said we can get echo instead but it wasn't that Sophie was worried about it was the fact that her last pet had died on his second day at their house was their family unlucky whilst all these thoughts rushed through her head and her sister soothed  her she fell asleep.   The next morning Sophie woke up  she wasn't at home she was in hospital at the bottom of her bed was her sister Sophie looked down at her arm it was in a cast it must of been a dream.   Her mum explained that she had  saved her sister and Ollie  by standing in front of the car but in the time she did that her arm got broken. Her mum explained that she needed an operation. An operation again the words they echoed round her head but she only squeezed out one word "Really," yes there was no point in answering that question it was true that afternoon her bed got pushed into  a dark and hostile room she had to have sleeping gas for the operation and after the operation she couldn't remember a thing from the past week.    Her family tried to tell her but it wasn't the same Sophie considered herself incredibly lucky she could've died. to help her remember what happened her friend wrote a book and you have just read it.  
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