1. adoption


Once not so long ago a family, who lived in London wanted a dog; they had never had enough money but now was a different case as Alex the father had got a new job.   Now one day when Sophie (the eldest daughter) was asleep she felt a slight jogging sensation it was her dad but surely it couldn't be Monday , Sophie opened one a eye her dad whispered in her ear "We're going to get a puppy," a puppy, a puppy a, puppy  the words echoed around her head as if it were a stuck record repeating itself; Sophie jumped out of bed and did a funny little jig.     They left for the nearest RSPCA  centre which was Battersea RSPCA centre. The building was a bit tatty and needed painting apart from that it was very nice indeed. Sophie and her family walked down rows upon rows of animals when finally they came to dogs Echo, Dougal, Piglet and Jack are all very cute RSPCA dogs but Sophie found a dog that she fell in love with straight away her eyes locked  on his, there was love and chemistry as soon as they saw each other. His name was Ollie, Ollie was a little Beagle cross Jack - Russell , he had  a small black nose, a very waggy tail, big ears, hazel brown eyes and a dolphin shape on his neck among his ginger hairs.   Everyone else in the family wanted Echo but Sophie wanted Ollie he was only about 6 months old.   Sophie ran over to her mum and dad "Him," she squealed and she pointed excitedly over to Ollie "Well I do think we should take him he is cute!" exclaimed dad "Well alright,"  said mum reluctantly.   They called over a nearby officer "Young Ollie please," she picked Ollie up and handed him over to Sophie his fur was like a silk blanket laid out on a freshly cut lawn on a hot summers day even now it felt like Ollie was part of the family.   Once they had got Ollie tagged they set off for home as you can imagine this took a long time as lots of road works were going on.         
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