I'm in love with you and all your little things

Liam's cousin Elisabeth is staying over the summer at Liam's and she has a summer romance with one of the boys. Read and find out ! And please comment your opinion :) thx !


4. Let the party begin'

 LIZ's P.O.V.

As I walked down the steps I heard music turning louder and louder. Finally when landed from the last step someone hugged me from the back. I turned around and saw it was Niall. " You look amazing" he whispered in my ear. I just couldn't help but smile looking like idiot. Niall took my hand and we walked to the living room where lads and other guests were. " Hey, meet our new roomie, Liam's cousin Liz" Niall announced shouting and everyone turned to look at us. I smiled akwardly and waved my hand. Liam had appeared next to me and he led me to greet ever guest. Dani, El and Perrie hugged me and we chatted for awhile but then Liam dragged me to meet other interesting people. There was Olly Murs talking with Niall and Demi Lovato seeking attention from Niall as he and Olly talked. I decided to forget my small feelings for Niall, he liked Demi anyway. Whiz Khalifa was drinking punch that I made and he said that it was the best he had ever tasted. I thanked and smiled at him and continued meeting people. I was so busy talking to other people so I forgot to taste the punch I made, and soon it ended. Harry and Louis brought a small plastic swimming pool full of ice, beer and ciders, so we didn't run out of drinks. I also drank few beers but after I tasted cider, I couldn't stop drinking that. Soon I started to feel dizzy and tired. Harry came and asked if Im okay. "yeah Im fine, just need some sleep" I mumbled before I passed out to his hands while carrying me to my bed. 


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