I'm in love with you and all your little things

Liam's cousin Elisabeth is staying over the summer at Liam's and she has a summer romance with one of the boys. Read and find out ! And please comment your opinion :) thx !


5. Hungry


I woke up and walked downstairs heading to kitchen cuz I was hungry. As I got to kitchen a terrible headache attacked and I moaned from the pain quiet as I could. "You okay?" I heard a cute Irish accent. "yeah, fine I guess, terrible headache" I mumbled as I saw Niall walking past me searching something from the box which was on the table. "Here take this, it'll help the ache" he said as he passed me a pill. After 10 minutes of taking the med and just sitting in kitchen watching as Niall made sandwhiches to himself. He sad down and started eating. He hand 5 sandwhiches and gave me 2, he propably saw from my face that I was hungry. "Thanks" I mumbled as I ate. I had to shook my head to see if I saw right. Niall was only in his swimming shorts and shirtless. Damn, that boy eats a lot but still has gorgeous body. I checked the clock. "It's only three am?" I stared the clock shocked. "Yeah, you passed at nine pm and Harry carried you to your bed" Niall told. In the minute I started to get flashbacks from yesterday. My holiday started, I came to Liam's, we had party, there was Demi and Niall cuddling, whoooa, they were cuddilng?! I was thinking until Nialls voice woke me up. "Hey, would you like to go swimming? Everyone else are sleeping" he asked looking me hopes up and eyes shining bright. " Im really ti---" I was about to say until Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me to the pool, about to drop me there. "heey wait a second, I need to take  this dress off." I said. He waited and after I threw the dress on a chair he took my hand and together we jumped into the pool. We played there for awhile and talked about what happened earlier. So Demi just thought they might have thing going on but Niall really doesn't like her. 



We swam for a moment and then went back inside to sleep. we walked upstairs and stopped right in front of her door."Good night" I said to her and hugged her. "Nights leprechaun" she said and I quickly kissed her on her nose. I really hated the nickname leprecaun but as she says it, it sounds million times cutier and comfortable than as example Zayn would say it. In a second she disappeared and I went straigh to bed and passed out cuz I was so tired. 



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