I'm in love with you and all your little things

Liam's cousin Elisabeth is staying over the summer at Liam's and she has a summer romance with one of the boys. Read and find out ! And please comment your opinion :) thx !


2. Boys

<> <>Liam's P.O.V <> <> 

 As the boys tackled Liz down, I carried her luggage to the car. When they were all up I asked "Should we leave now and go home to prepare for the party?". They all nodded and we got back to our car. 


<> <> Liz's P.O.V. <> <>  

We got back to the car and it had only 5 seats, so I didn't have place to sit. Until Niall pulled from my waist and I sat on his lap. He's so sweet. Harry, who was sitting next to Liam, put the radio on. They played my favourite song, so I started to sing along. "don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a beak"... Soon we were in front of Liam's. As we got out of the car, Louis freaked out. "Someone has stole my carrot box. I'm sure I left it next to the door" he screamed. "Shut up Lou, you're going to get the neighbours attention and then all the paparazzis come and crazy fans are trying to get in." Harry ordered. 


<> <> Niall's P.O.V. <> <>   

I'm trying to give a good impression, so I carried her luggage and showed her her's room. "My room is next yours, so if you ever see nightmares or anything you can come to my room" I said and left her. "Mmm..Wait!" I heard her saying. I stopped and turned around so that I faced her. " Thanks Niall" she said smiling and hugged me. I hugged her back and buried my head on her shoulder. " Hey everybody here" Liam shouted. We frightened and got back downstairs where everybody waited us.


<> <> Liam's P.O.V. <> <>        

Hmm... Why did Niall and Liz come last and together?! Guess they have something going on, I thought until Harry woked me up slappimg on the table. "Liam!" he shouted. " Yeah, so the deal is that were throwing up a party tonight. We need to make clear that who is going to and what." I ordered. " I can do decorating" Liz suggested. "I'll do it with her" Harry said before Niall had chance to say something. I could see from Niall's eyes that he's disappointed. "Okay, we'll I and Niall are going to store buy some food. Zayn and Louis go by some alcohol, so that Liz can make good punch" I commanded. 


<> <>Liz'z P.O.V. <> <> 

Liam still remembers that I do good punch, I thought and smiled. Harry is gonna decorate with me, nice, so i get to know him better. He is cute though but he's dating Taylor Swift. Others left to stores so we were left alone. " Hey were all the decorations are?" I asked from Harry. " Here, sweetheart." He handed a box to me. I set the box on a table and opened it. There were all these Hawaji kind of beach stuff. Harry started to talk to me " I know we met just, but if there is anything that you want to to talk about, you can count on me." "Speaking of that, I think I have a crush.." In that moment I stopped my sentence because Harry fell from chair. I ran to him and asked if his okey.


<> <> Harry's P.O.V <> <> 

We were talking and then she said she has a crush, but she didn't continue the sentence, because I fell and hit my head on the ground. In a minute a terrible head ache captured my thoughts. "Liz bring me ice, my head is aching" I asked. " Yeah, sure. Wait a second Haz" she said and went to get me ice. All I thought was Liz's stunning eyes and that brown long hair and her smilel As she came back and handed me the ice door opened and Lou and Zayn got in. " What happened, my love?" Lou asked and came  to me. " I fell, from the chair, as we talked." I admided sheepishly. 


<> <> Liz's P.O.V. <> <>      

Very soon as Zayn and Lou had came back the door opened again and Liam and Niall came back carrying big bags. "Is everything all right?" Liam asked when he saw me looking sad. " Yes, eventhough Haz fell on the floor and hit his head." I told. " I guess his fine" Liam answered and went to kitchen. "Is Dani coming here to the party?" I asked. " Yup and also Taylor, Perrie and Eleanor. Taylor dates Harry, Perrie dates Zayn and Lou dates Eleanor." he shouted from the kitchen. I better get ready, the party is going to start in hour and I look like a crap. Decorations were done, so I didn't have to worry about them. As I got up to my room, I  heard a knock. It was Niall. " Hey leprechaun, I could use some help" I greeted. Niall laughed and answered " How can I help you my princess?" he asked. " I don't know what to wear" I said as I opened my suitcase. Niall walked next to me and he looked at my clothes. After few minutes of thinking he picked turqouise dress and handed it to me. "Put the bikini under that, because we're going to swim." He said, winked eye on me and left. I decided to take a quick shower. I singed in the shower as usually. Finishing the shower I put on my towel and went to change. Bikinis, dress all on, but I wasn't ready yet. I needed to apply some light make up and brush my hair. Done! Now I'm ready to go I thought and opened my door and headed back to downstairs. 



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