I'm in love with you and all your little things

Liam's cousin Elisabeth is staying over the summer at Liam's and she has a summer romance with one of the boys. Read and find out ! And please comment your opinion :) thx !


1. Summer beginning

<> <> Liz's P.O.V. <> <> 

The last day of school started and I was excited, because I was going to spend my holidays at my cousin Liam. He has a band called One Direction. They're good, but I'm not a crazy fan girl, like some girls from my school are. I was dreaming about how wonderful summer I would have with Liam. He's kind of my brother, because I'm the only child in our family. Sharp voice wakes me from dreaming. School bell rang for the last time, it was time to leave home. I got excited to get Liam's and we planned to throw up a party tonight. I left the school building for the last time, last year of college ended. I wished "good summers" to my friends and hugged them and sadly, few of them, I had to say good bye, because they were moving to somewhere else to study more. Luckily, I got to leave until there was rush. 


 Journey to my home wasn't far. I opened the door and greeted my dad. " Hey dad, I'm leaving today at Liam's and I'm staying there for the summer" I announced. He was too busy to cuddle with his new wife. My mom died when I was 3, to cancer. I was pissed off to my dad, because after he got married he barely paid attention on me and I became jealous. I went to my room and packed all the stuff and middle of packing my dearest cousin called. "Hey Liz" he greeted. "Liaaam" I screamed from excitement. " I'm going to pick you up with the boys in half hour" he said and I could hear it from his voice that he was excited too. "Yup, see you then" I shut the phone. "Gosh, I'm busy" I was thinking alone. 

<> <> Liam's P.O.V. <> <>

This is going to be awesome summer with Liz and the boys. She is going to get to know the lads. Boys are excited to meet Liz. " Hey lads, it's time to go get Liz! Everyone here, now!" I yelled. Louis, Zayn and Harry were here. "Niall is missing, where could he be?" Zayn wondered. " You hungry leprechaun, get out from the kitchen and get your ass right here!" Louis yelled at Niall. All the munching stopped and Niall got in the livingroom where we waited him. "Haz, phone away, were going to get my cousin Liz." I told them. All I was getting as answer were bunch of yeahs. "Follow me" I ordered and walked to the car. Everyone got in and we started heading to Liz's house. 


<> <> Niall's P.O.V. <> <>

Hope were going to have great time with this girl, Liz. I wonder how she looks like. Probably cute and beautiful, like Liam. She also must have a big and sweet heart like Liam. Can't wait to meet her. If I get a chance and I like her, I might even take her to Nandos for date.


<> <>Harry's P.O.V <> <>

Oh my gosh, we're about to arrive at Liz's house. I'm excited to meet her. I think she might be little like Liam. Hope she is sexy;);)


<> <> Louis' P.O.V <> <>

Hope she likes from carrots. Like I, hahaha 


<> <> Zayn's P.O.V <> <>

I'm gonna kill myself if she's prettier than me. My wondering stopped as we got at her house and saw her standing there and waving at us. We got out of the car and she ran and jumped on Liam and hugged him like for last time. She is prettier than me, guess I have to live with that...

<> <> Liz's P.O.V. <> <> 

They finally arrived. I was so excited to see them so I ran to Liam and hugged him long, and he hugged me back. The hug was full of joy and happiness and love. When I let him go there were only fes seconds and without rest of them attacked and tackled me down and we had a big hug. " Welcome to family" Niall said as he was laying on me like the others. "Thanks, I wasn't excpecting this rough welcome" I answered before I bursted to laugh. While laughing I was thinking of Niall. His eyes and smile, something perfect. I guess I started to have crush on him...

<> <> Niall's P.O.V. <> <> 

She is beautiful and her eyes are just like Liam's. Her laugh, so cute. Oh no, I'm falling for her... 


Want this to be continued ? xx - Anonymous1D

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