If your broken, I will mend you.

It's about Delia and Ellie and they meet one direction at a signing only to find out that they mean more to one direction then they think.


2. Via Facebook and Twittah


Did that really just happen? Did I really just say that? I went and sat down next to Delia as she was hypnotized in her phone. We were both speechless. We sat there in silence thinking about what just happened. Delia spoke up and said ".... I got it...." Never looking up from her phone.

"Got what?" I asked. Finally looking up from her phone, she said

"... Niall Horan's phone number...." We both looked at each other, sprang up, started jumping up and down while squealing. It was one of our best fangirling moments On the way home we both told our stories of what happened. I told her all about the boxers and the twitter incident. When we arrived at my house we immediately raced up to my room. I was praying that Louis remembered me. Please... Please... Please... Remember me. As we logged on to my twitter my heart started racing. What if I was just another fan? What if he forgot? What if- YES YES YES!!! He followed me and requested a personal conversation!!! 

"Hello love, I was wondering if u and your friend would like to attend a formal banquet tomorrow night with the boys and I?" he said, Delia and I had another fangirling moment, then calmed down. How could all of this happen to two ordinary girls like us? We thought that we were lucky enough just to go to a 1D signing, And now all this!

"What do we say?!" Asked Delia.

 "Yes we would love to attend. Can't wait to see you ;)" I typed up, Delia approved it and we sent it. I was so nervous!



We sent it. I couldn't process through my mind that we are having a conversation with the Louis Tomlinson! We are talking to the "Sass masta from doncasta!"

"can't wait, pick both of you up at 7:00. you better look nice ;)" he replied about 5 minutes later, I took a deep breath, trying to take this all in. I started to imagine what us was going to be like. Niall and all the boys in suits in ties, then I pictured Ellie and I in our beautiful dresses.... Uh-oh!!!

"Ellie! What are we going to wear tomorrow?!"

"I don't know. We can go shopping in the morning." she replied. Later i decided to go back home. I went up to my room and went on instagram. Pictures from the signing and the boys were everywhere. It was weird to think that they boys that I have idolized forever, liked me back. What happened to being "just another fan?" I guess that in their eyes Ellie and I aren't just "another fan."

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