You Irish Monster.

I thought our marriage was perfect, till the hitting started.


1. I better stop soon, but when is soon?

Anna's Point of View.

Me and Niall were a happy couple, well that's what the magazines say. But since our anniversary, it's been down hill.. It all happened when we argued over the most stupidest thing, I don't even really remember from the big hit in the face. But whatever I said really got him mad, all I remember is those 3 words that still haunt me by this day ''YOU STUPID BITCH!!''. The words hurt me really bad, but now they torture me like knifes since I started to believe it. The last time, I have been hit by him was yesterday.. Over the stupidest reason, because I didn't cook what he has planned. I want to leave this relationship, but I won't be able to.. He knows people that can hurt me with in a blink, that punches will hurt as much as more then his does.

I haven't told any of the boy's, because Liam will go crazy and kill Niall. Me and Liam dated, before I caught him hooking up with Danielle.. I was the girl who rejected him 22 times, yes I'm the idiot. But in 2011 we talked, and talked. I told him how sorry I was, no I didn't do it for the fame. I tried to win him back because I found out how much I was an idiot.. He really cared for me and he sang to me, so I said yeah. But, he didn't know I have been through so much that year he kept asking me. Oh shit their is a knock on the door, the Irish monster is back.. Yay..

I answered the door, and there he was with the 4 other goons & Eleanor. I put on my beanie to hide the bruise on my forehead, I didn't want to explain a fake excuse how I fell down the stairs.

''Hii Anna!!'' Harry shouted. I hugged him and told him ''Hii''.

''I made taco's guys, dig in. They're in the kitchen, enjoy. I'm going to take a shower, and freshen up.'' I tell them, and walk upstairs just to leave. I didn't want to see Niall at the moment.


Harry's Point of view.

I knew Anna was hiding something, just when we walked in she wanted to rush to do something.. That I know she really didn't want to do. I hope she's okay, Niall have better not hurt her in any way, because I told him if he hurt her I'd kill him. Well not just me, all of us did. Because we care, who wouldn't? She's amazing.

'' Yummm!'' Niall says, while stuffing his face. I had to tell him why was Anna being strange.

''Niall, can we talk?. '' I whisper.

''Sure mate, what's up?'' He says with his face stuffed.

''What's up with Anna?. She seems afraid, well.. Really she seems strange.'' I mumble.

''I don't know let me check.'' He says.


Niall's Point of View.

What the fuck?, does Harry know about the abuse. Fuck!!, that dumbass bitch better not be giving him clues. I go in the bathroom, to find her naked crying.

''Sweetie, can I join?'' I say.

''I don't know, if you want to.'' I took that as a yes, and got undressed & joined her.

She's beautiful, and amazing but she irritates me sometimes... I told her I'll stop soon, but I don't know when I will stop.. What if she leave's me? for one of the boys... Fuck, stop thinking like that. I hit her on the back, to get rid of my frustration. She started to cry, I got out right away and ran to the bedroom.. I punched the wall real hard, and messed up my knuckle. Fuck, Niall smarten up. She won't stay any longer if you don't stop with this.. Why am I talking to myself?. I go downstairs, and the boys ask about my knuckle while they're in the living room chatting. I ignore, and go get the ice and put in on my knuckles and sit down. Then Anna walk's down, and say's she's going for a walk. I allow her, and she goes straight rushing through the door. Eleanor chases her, saying ''ME TOO!''. Great, she's going to tell Eleanor.


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