Happiness Galore Units

Have you ever wanted to own your own Hetalia character? Well now you can thanks to Happiness Galore! It only takes one easy payment of soda to own one! We will take anything you request! Want a female lover who's like Italy? No problem! Want a less than sane person? You got it! Just shoot us a message and we will get on your order asap!


1. Romano (Lovino Vargas) unit

Dear buyer,

Happiness Galore is proud to present you with your very own Romano (Lovino Vargas) unit! Below you’ll find the care guide, items included, and activation instructions! If you are displeased with your unit just deactivate him and we will exchange him or give you a full refund! We thank you for buying our product. And if your looked for the information on the site just go back there~


Stacie and Kiara, CEOs of Happiness Galore


Care guide for your Romano unit

 Please refrain from placing your Romano unit near the Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt) unit. Your Romano unit will proceed to call him variations of “Potato Bastard.”  If you have both the Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas) unit and Romano (Lovino Vargas) unit your Romano unit will proceed to blame anything that goes wrong on the Veneziano unit. (Please note that Romano represents the Southern half of Italy while Veneziano represents the Northern half of Italy.)  Please, for the love of all that is good and wholesome in this world,  do not let your Romano unit near his Second Player self. An all-out war will ensue, destroying your home and anything you hold dear. In fact, keep most of our units away from their Second Player selves. It tends to get quite messy and we will not reimburse you for disregarding our warning.

Items included

Brown military uniform (1 complete with tie and shoes) Casual Clothes (1 outfit) [Feel free to buy him more if you so desire.] Mustache (1) Chef’s hat (1) Basket of Tomatoes (1)

How to activate your new Romano unit!

There are three ways you can do this. The first way is to play any sort of Italian music, this is the best way to activate your unit without him yelling at you. The second way is to either speak Italian or Spanish, how he reacts depends on which you choose. A warning from Stacie, if you choose Spanish he may call you a “Tomato Bastard” if you’re male, if you’re female he’ll just flirt with you. And the last way is to make an Italian dish, this is by far the easiest and quietest way to get him activated.

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