Love War (A 1 Direction FanFic)

Mika and Aria are best friends. They both love dancing and want to get professional. Their dream gets a little bit closer when they are chosen out of 500 applicants to audition for 1 Directions new tour. They become close with some of the boys and soon a story develops. Love, jealousy, cheating and memories haunt the girls and the boys. What happens when someone returns from the most horrible part of their life, what happens when someone is put on the spot, what happens when hearts are broken?


1. News

Mika's POV

"Could I have one frappuccino and maybe a chocolate muffin please," I asked the lady behind the counter. "OK, so that's one frappuccino with a chocolate muffin," the lady repeated. Sometimes I wondered about these people. No, what I actually wanted was an expresso coffee and a croissant, sorry, I thought you could read my mind?! What the? "Yeah, that's it," I muttered looking around trying to see if my best friend Aria had arrived. She apparently had some big news to tell me. "OK, so that will be £5.99 please," the lady said. I paid and the lady gave me my order. I sat down at a nearby table and took a sip of my frappuccino. I waited for what seemed half an hour but was probably 2 minutes until Aria came through the Starbucks entrance. She noticed me and rushed over. "Hey Mika," she said excitedly flopping down on the seat opposite me. "Hey Aria, what's the news?" I asked. "OK, basically we have been chosen to audition for the ONE DIRECTION TOUR!" she exclaimed, basically shouting the last bit. Heads turned and I saw a few 14 year old girls with 1D badges on their bags glare at us. I smirked, laughing mentally. I was guessing that they were jealous. "Yay!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe it, we had been chosen out of 500 applicants! Oh yeah, I forgot to say, Aria and I loved dancing. We wanted to become professional and big and our dream was getting the little bit closer! So we had sent in a video in of both of us dancing and we had actually been chosen to audition! "We have to practice like hell for the next week," said Aria seriously. "I know," I groaned. Aria laughed slightly. "Oooh, can I have some of your chocolate muffin please?" asked Aria eyeing my muffin. "Nope," I said popping the 'p'. "Please?" she begged. "No way, go up and get one yourself," I argued. "But I can't be bothered," she complained. "I don't care, take your lazy butt up there and get yourself one. I paid for this and it will be good exercise to get into shape,"I said matter-of-factly. "Ugh, this isn't fair. I am so hungry and I will have to wait in a big queue to get it." "Nope, you are so lazy Aria," I complained. "You only just noticed?" she joked. I laughed and Aria finally went up.

1 Week Later

Louis POV

The boys and I were waiting in the dance studio. Niall was eating a bag of crisps, Zayn was on his phone, probably on twitter, Liam was chatting to Dani on his phone and Harry was chatting up a girl who had come early to audition. I however was sitting down, bored. My phone had run out of battery and there were no chargers here. I groaned loudly wondering what to do. "You alright?" Zayn asked looking up from his phone. "Yeah, just bored," I moaned. "I have an idea," grinned Zayn evilly. I perked up a bit. Whenever Zayn got evil it was always fun unless you were the target. "Tell," I said excitedly. "Why don't we go help Harry out?" he asked smirking. "Perfect," I grinned. We both got up and walked over to Harry and the girl. "Hey boo bear," I said proudly. Harry looked round. "Hey hazza bear," said Zayn trying to keep a straight face. "How is my little boo bear? Is he trying to get a girl?" I asked pinching his cheek. "Aawww, that's so cute. It has been hard for you to get some girls hasn't it, my hazza?" Zayn said patting his other cheek. Harry was glaring at us. He had worked out what we were doing but before he could say anything I interrupted," by the way boo bear we are going back to the nursery to get those colouring books you wanted. Maybe around 5?" I said trying not to laugh. "Yeah the ones with all the unicorns and princesses," said Zayn. "Go away guys," Harry whispered angrily. I looked at the girl, I saw she was looking a bit grossed out but also finding it funny. Behind her the main doors opened and two good-looking girls came in. One with brown, wavy hair and the other one with braids which ran down her shoulders. Her eyes were a dark brown and were the prettiest eyes I had ever seen, I just got lost in them. "Um, Louis, Louis are you still here?" asked Zayn. I was pulled out of my trance and looked at Zayn and Harry who were grinning at me. "Yeah sorry," I muttered.

Mika's POV

Aria and I entered the dance studio. A few other girls had arrived but not many and all the boys of One Direction were there. I blushed slightly as I noticed Louis looking at me or rather staring at me. Was it because I was ugly or pretty? Probably ugly, I thought to myself. Aria nudged me," look there's Niall," she said. I chuckled slightly, she had had a crush on Niall for ages. It was so cute. They both loved food and they had the same personality, they would look so cute together. "Stop laughing, look Louis is looking at you," she said hitting my arm. I turned round slightly to see a gorgeous boy with brown hair and green eyes. His hair was messy but cute and his eyes I could just get lost in. "Come on, let's go get ready," Aria said and pulled me to the side. I could still feel Louis eyes boring into my back.


So Mika and Louis are liking each other ;) BTW Mina (that's me) will be writing about Mika and Ari will be writing about Aria. It will go M-A-M-A etc. 

Hope you guys liked it!!!!! Plz comment, like and + 2 faves :)


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