Love War (A 1 Direction FanFic)

Mika and Aria are best friends. They both love dancing and want to get professional. Their dream gets a little bit closer when they are chosen out of 500 applicants to audition for 1 Directions new tour. They become close with some of the boys and soon a story develops. Love, jealousy, cheating and memories haunt the girls and the boys. What happens when someone returns from the most horrible part of their life, what happens when someone is put on the spot, what happens when hearts are broken?


2. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Aria's POV

Omg, I can't believe I get to meet one direction, dance and do all of this with my bestfriend all in one day!! How amazayn! Hehe, I seriously have to stop fangirling! But it's so hard I mean they are all so gorgeous especially Niall! I've had a tiny, ok huge crush on him since one direction were on the X factor and I can't believe I get to see him now in person! I have to act normal....would it be normal just to go up to Niall and give him a hug? Mika: What? You can't just hug Niall you've never met him before! Aria: Oh, um I didn't mean to say that aloud... Did zayn just wink at me? Well this is going to be awkward if he heard my little outburst of weirdness!

Zayn's POV

I can't believe how beautiful she is! I think I'm in love with her smile! Not in a creepy way though.. She seems so genuine and nice not plastic like the other girls here. I can see Louis eyeing her friend and it seems as if he really likes her! I don't know if I should go talk to her or maybe just listen to her? Call me a coward but I would rather listen! "Would it be normal just to go up to Niall and give him a hug?" I can feel my heart sinking, Niall is my best friend but really? I mean don't get me wrong I'm not a vain person but even I know I'm not that bad looking! What should I do? Just listening to her beautiful laugh hearing her speak just like Niall loves and does, makes me so jealous of him. Why can't I get the girl for once? That's it I have to do something before Niall even gets the chance. Luckily he is talking to our manager on matters of serious business. Knowing Niall it will be about nandos. Wait is she looking at me? Do something, anything! You could have done anything and you winked! I mean she probably thinks you are such a freak winking at someone for no reason! Well you blew it!

Aria's POV

Right now Mika and I are standing in the waiting room and you've guessed it, waiting to audition! We are going to dance to a mash up which I made! I love music if I couldn't be a dancer I would be a singer which is weird because I can't sing! Mika's not speaking because she's getting prepared and calming her aura? Whatever that means! That leaves me to think about Zayn... I might be just flattering myself by saying this but does he like me? Probably not he's so beautiful and everyone says he's so sweet and is way out of my league! Bit's a bit fishy.

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys made a pact when we first became a group that if we think a girl is suited more with another member we lay off her. Screw friendship I can play all innocent when the boys ask but the most important task is to keep Niall away from her. I don't like this new side of me but it excites me!


This is Aria, hope you guys liked it :)

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