Love War (A 1 Direction FanFic)

Mika and Aria are best friends. They both love dancing and want to get professional. Their dream gets a little bit closer when they are chosen out of 500 applicants to audition for 1 Directions new tour. They become close with some of the boys and soon a story develops. Love, jealousy, cheating and memories haunt the girls and the boys. What happens when someone returns from the most horrible part of their life, what happens when someone is put on the spot, what happens when hearts are broken?


4. Dinner

Aria's POV

The audition went amazingly! We executed all the moves perfectly and it felt great! I saw Louis looking at Mika the entire time it was so cute! I really want them to get together, it would be really nice if Mika found someone who would stay with her and care about her since what happened with her ex. Now Mika and I are going to go and celebrate by having dinner together at a fancy hotel! I remember when we were fifteen and we were having dinner together at a pizzeria these two guys came up to us and started flirting with us an then try asked if we were single. We both found them really annoying so we said on sync she's my husband! I really want that to happen again it was so fun! Mika's dressed in a red, mid-thigh  dress with lace and looks stunning! Whenever I walk next to her I feel like a hippo next to a beautiful gazelle it's not fair! I'm wearing a little black dress which matches my eyeliner and shoes.

Niall's POV

That girl Aria was so pretty and I really think she's my type! I know the dancing job is only for the summer but I think maybe we can hit it off even if its only for a couple of months? Speak of the devil both girls just walked into the restaurant where the boys and I are eating dinner! They couldn't have known we were going to be here because we told the press we were stating at another hotel! Wow they both look stunning! Especially Aria she's wearing black which really looks good on her. Even if I haven't talked, I know we would get along. Wait they are being seated on the table right next to us! I tried not to stare at Aria but it was hard. Zayn was also looking at Aria, what the? I noticed Louis looking at Mika. I smiled to myself, I had to say they would make a very cute couple. 

Aria's POV

We entered the hotel and a waiter sat us down at a table. As we walked there I noticed the table next to us. 5 handsome boys, one with blonde hair and was really cute, another with dark brown hair and was very handsome. Wait a minute, they were One Direction?! What are they doing here? We sat down and I tried to focus my attention off Niall, Zayn and the rest of the boys. I looked at Mika. She had spotted the same thing, well this is awkward. We pretended to not have noticed them but it was kinda hard and I am pretty sure that Zayn saw me looking at him. But it was Niall I was interested in although he didn't seem to notice me as much as Zayn. Mika was also stealing glances at Louis. We ordered and Mika and I got into a very heated discussion about pandas, don't ask how.:p We were interrupted by a boy with brown curly hair and brown eyes, Harry Styles. "Hello ladies, we were just talking and we recognized you from the dance auditions today, is that right?" he asked giving us a goofy smile. "Yeah," Mika said," we auditioned. I hope you didn't recognize us from how bad we were," Mika joked. The boys laughed," no actually, you guys were amazing," Louis said looking directly at Mika. I had to stop myself from wolf whistling or something, they looked so cute. Mika blushed and thanked him. Louis smiled and they got into conversation. "Hey Aria, do you want to swap seats with Louis since Mika and Louis seem to be getting on pretty well," Niall said in his cute irish accents. He had remember our names? My name? Oh my gawwd! "Um, ok," I said standing up. Louis did the same and we swapped. I gave one last look at Mika and gave her the good-luck smile before sitting down.

Niall's POV

God, Aria was gorgeous. I was really glad she agreed to swapping seats with Louis, now I could get to know her better. It was all 5 of us (harry, Liam, Zayn, Aria and I) in conversation but soon it was just Zayn, Aria and I. I was a bit confused, couldn't Zayn see that I really liked Aria? What about that pact we made?

Zayn's POV

Aria and Mika were looking amazayn! :p But Aria shone out more. I could see Niall staring at her. I had caught Aria looking at me once or twice so did that mean she liked me? Lets hope so because she was really nice ;) Niall, Aria and I got into a conversation and I am pretty sure that Niall was glaring at me every time Aria wasn't looking. Had he caught on? What ever happened I liked Aria.

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