Love War (A 1 Direction FanFic)

Mika and Aria are best friends. They both love dancing and want to get professional. Their dream gets a little bit closer when they are chosen out of 500 applicants to audition for 1 Directions new tour. They become close with some of the boys and soon a story develops. Love, jealousy, cheating and memories haunt the girls and the boys. What happens when someone returns from the most horrible part of their life, what happens when someone is put on the spot, what happens when hearts are broken?


3. Butterflies

Mika's POV

"Ok, next up is Mika Hamilton and Aria Rose," called a man. Wait, that's us! I looked at Aria, she looked nervous. She's like a sister to me and even though she was only a few months younger than me I still treat her like my little sister. That mean't even if I didn't feel confident myself I would have to look out for her because that was what best friends were for. "Come on we can do this," I said as I hugged her. She just nodded her head. We got up and made our way to the middle of the room. The music  started playing I could feel my butterflies go away, it was just the music and me. Halfway through it I felt someones eyes boring into me. It was Louis. Suddenly my butterflies came back but for a different reason.

Louis POV

Mika and Aria walked into the middle of the room and the music started playing. I remember briefly watching the video they sent and thinking that they were really good but watching them live was amazing! The pretty girl with braids moved swiftly and was a natural, her friend was also very good but I couldn't keep my eyes of this girl. I think she noticed because she blushed and I think she stumbled slightly, I felt a bit guilty because I think that was because of me. Whatever happened those two where definitely coming with us on the tour. "She's so pretty," said Niall. "What? Who?" hoping that he wasn't saying that the girl I liked was pretty. "Aria," he said. "Which one is that?" I asked my heart racing. "The one with the brown, wavy hair and cute eyes and-" "OK, Niall, that's enough," I laughed,relaxing a bit as he wasn't talking about Mika. Mika, that was her name. It was beautiful, rather like her. "Well that's it everyone, thank you for coming. We will be telling you whether you are coming with us on tour or not in a week today," called Luke, our dance choreographer. Mika and Aria went back inside the waiting room and I looked around the room, trying to find the toilet. Aah, next to the entrance. 

Mika's POV

Aria and I made our way back into the waiting room, my mind whizzing. Aria nudged me," I know someone who has a little crush on you Mika," she said winking. "Who?" I asked, my mind stopped thinking about Louis. "Louis," she exclaimed. My mind went back to Louis... "Um, Mika? Mika? MIKA?" Aria shouted. "Huh?" Aria laughed. "What, what did I do?" I asked. "I know someone who has a little crush on Louis," she giggled. "Shut up," I said hitting her on the arm playfully and grabbing my bag," should we go?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Sure," Aria said getting her bag. We exited the waiting room and Aria and I were chatting when I bumped into something. That something happened to be Louis Tomlinson. "Oh, um sorry," I said butterflies racing round my stomach. Louis smiled, god that smile was amazing. "Hey, no prob, great dancing by the way," he said winking. I felt myself blush. "Thanks," I said. "See you soon," he said and smiled at me again, his eyes lighting up. God, his eyes were so- STOP IT Mika! I really had to stop doing this. "Yeah..." I was sort of in a daze by then. Once Louis went off Aria just started laughing. "Stop it," I said and we left the building with Aria still laughing.

Louis POV

After I walked away I still felt butterflies flying around me. I had never felt this way before and I had hardly spoken to her, what was happening with me. I sat down still in a bit of a daze when I heard someone come over. I looked up and saw Harry looking down at me with a frown," what's up Hazza?" I asked. "Larry Stylinson is over!" he cried. I couldn't help laughing. "And why do you think that?" I asked. "I saw the way you were looking at that girl with the braids," Harry's 'tears' were gone and were replaced with a smirk. "And now you will have no time for me," his 'tears' returning. "I will always have time for you Hazza bear, anyway looked like you liked that girl earlier," I winked laughing to myself after Zayn and I's little wingmanship. "Yeah, well after you and Zayn she lost intrest," Harry sulked. "Sorry boo bear," I said trying not to laugh. "Anyways we are staying here for the next week so we are going to the hotel in a minute," Harry said getting up. "Cool," I said but my mind went back to Mika. Maybe I would see her if she lived round here? Lets hope so.


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