Do you Remember ?

Its about a California girl who met her first love in London when she had to go study there. They dated for a half a year until her parents told her that they had to go back to Cali. They promised they will never forget each other. 2 years passes & they meet again but Harry is famous & Giselle is I love but are they going to remember each other ?

Characters ~
Giselle Robles aka jojo,Joe, & Bob xD
Harry Styles
Brandon Lawrence -me
Zayn Malik
Giselle Barboza
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan
Liam Payne
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Isahid Alexander
Destiny Trevino
& more cx


1. My boyfriend

"No matter what I'll still remember you" said Giselle." I love you a lot Giselle , you're my first love & I promise to never forget you" said Harry. "I have to go" said Giselle checking the time. "Well I'll write you every day just call me to know your address once you get there" said Harry with a smile .

Giselle P.O.V
How I still love you Harry but you forgot about me right about a month you stopped writing to me, my first love forgot about me. Well fuck it I'm happy with my boyfriend Brandon but ehh I still remember him while he is probably having fun.

End Of P.O.V

"Giselle" screamed mom.
"What mom" I screamed.
"Your boyfriend is here to see you" screamed mom.
"Tell him to come to my room please mom" screamed Giselle.

I heard a knock on the door.
"Come in Brandon" I said laughing.
"Hey babe, I haven't talked to you" said Brandon with a sad face.
"Babe we were just together last night" I said laughing.
"So what I still missed you" said Brandon sadly.
"I miss you too babe" I said.
"Really" said Brandon with a smirk.
"Yes baby" I said.
"Better" said Brandon starting to kiss me.

Brandon & me made out for 10 minutes then I went on Facebook & we took some pictures & uploaded them. Brandon & me were going through my newsfeed & we saw pictures of one direction I really didn't like them they were so gay but all my friends love them which was annoying & then my boyfriend be saying this Guy styles was cuter omg he acted so gay which was cute to me.

Giselle P.O.V
Brandon left & I went to bed tomorrow Was the first day of high-school & I was really scared because I'm going to Hollywood high-school. I got my iPod out & went to Pandora & I put Justin bieber radio & then there I heard the song what makes you beautiful & in the picture of Pandora I saw a curly boy who looked like my first love but I guess they look alike I don't think my first love would be in a gay band I laughed.
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