One Of The Originals (Vampire Diaries- FanFic)

First and for most I would like to say that all rights go to L.J Smith for writing such an amazing book and Julie Plec and the producers of the CW show The Vampire Diaries. I do not own anything from the show or book. Some characters will be the same as the show but I will not take credit for them. Thank you! x
This is the story about a vampire named Jessica. She's not just any old vampire, she's an original. Her brother, Niklaus (Klaus for short), daggered her along with the rest of his family. One day, he needs help. So he goes to undagger Jessica. But of course, if your brother kills you I'm sure you would be very ticked off. So will Jessica ever be able to forgive Klaus and help him or will she turn her back on him? Hmmm. Intense. Read to find out what happens.


10. The Sacrifice Part 2


It's only been a few days since the decades dance that turned to Hell and it seems like everything went back to it's regular boring self. The Salvatore brothers are still fighting to keep Elena safe from Klaus, Bonnie and Jeremy are working to control Bonnie's powers when it's time to kill Klaus, and Elijah is unavailable to be any company to me.   Did I forget to mention the Elijah is also in the basement with a dagger through is chest? Apparently, Elena had daggered him after he told us about Klaus. I didn't find out about it till yesterday when I happened to actually look in the cellar part of the basement when I went down there for a blood bag. It was Damon's idea though to dagger him. He 'couldn't trust him' is what he told me and Elena had to do it because the dagger would have killed Damon if he used it.   So here I am, all alone. Living in the Salvatore house just floating along with these people's lives. The full moon was tomorrow and after that, I will be skipping town. I'll have no reason to stay here once Klaus is dead.   Right now, I was frying up some eggs, bacon, and toast to eat. I was actually craving some real food and I have actually gotten quite good at making it. Technology has really improved since the 1800's, I like it.   "What's cooking, good looking?" A voice I recognized to be Damon's said from behind me. I could practically hear the smirk on his face coming from his tone. It was hard trying not to roll my eyes at his way of flirting with me.   "Nothing for you." I replied while turning around to face him but jumped when I realized he was right behind me. Our bodies were so close together that there was barely an inch between us. My surprised eyes locked with his playful ones as he stared down at me. He smiled.   "Nothing? For me?" He said with a fake sad expression. "But I thought we were friends."   I scoffed. "You only wish."   He frowned and closed the small space we had between us forcing me up against the counter and our bodies now touching. He looked down at me, staring deeply into my eyes.   It felt like my heart was going to jump right out of my chest. I bit my bottom lip between my teeth at an attempt to cover up how he is really making me feel. To distract myself, I stopped staring in his eyes only to have my attention turn to his lips. This didn't help me at all. They looked so full and very kissable. I only wish I could be the ones to kiss them. I want to feel his soft lips on my own. I watched as his flat lined mouth turned into a smirk as he noticed my gaze. My eyes adverted quickly back to his ice blue ones.   "I know how I make you feel..." He whispered. He pushed a strand of hair out of my face and placed it behind my ear. I didn't say anything so he continued. "I make your heart beat fast and you become nervous around me. I make you feel like a teenage girl who has a crush on the senior football star. You want to hide it from me by acting like you don't like me but I know deep down inside of you, care. That's why you hide. You don't want to care because that's the human part of you. I make you feel human."   He's right and that's what I hate most about. I hate that he makes me care and I don't want to care. Caring get's you hurt. I'm a vampire not a human. I don't have to care.   I took a deep breath and finally spoke up. "Y-You have know idea what you're talking about."   "I don't?" He spoke. "Then how is it whenever I'm around you completely lose track of what you were doing before?"   "You don't." I replied sternly.   "Oh yeah? Your food is burning."   I looked at him confused but not until I heard the smoke alarms go off in the kitchen. I turned wide eyed to the stove behind me. "Shoot!" I yelled before taking the pan off the stove and running it under cool water from the sink. "Arragant moron..." I mumbled under my breath talking about Damon. I only heard him chuckle from behind me.   "What's going on!?" Stefan yelled as him and Elena came into the kitchen.   "Jessica doesn't know how to cook." Damon answered for me and I shot him a glare.   "Shut up!" I yelled throwing a knife at his head but he quickly dodged it and it stuck to the wall behind him right next to Elena's head. She gasped at the object next to her before shooting a glare at me. "Sorry!" I yelled holding my hands up in defeat but still smiled slightly.   I walked back over to the sink where the pan still was and looked at my burnt eggs and bacon. "Aw, man... I really wanted those."   "Guys, the full moon is tomorrow and we need a plan." Elena said completely changing the subject. I looked at her with raised eyebrows.   "We have a plan." I concluded. "Bonnie's gonna kill Klaus after he breaks the curse."   "If Bonnie uses that much power, then she'll die. Remember the dance?"   I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes. Did she not remember me telling her that Bonnie will be fine because Klaus will be weaker? It angered me how little humans payed attention. So I think I'll just play along.   "She's our only chance at killing Klaus, Elena." I stated. "We need her to do it."   "If I survive this-" Elena started but Stefan cut her off.   "Which you will." He said and she smiled at his words.   "Only if the elixer works!" Damon said cutting off Elena also. "Am I the only one who doesn't think it will work?"   "You have to have faith, Damon." Elena said. "There's no other way."   "Well there's no other way for killing Klaus but Bonnie either." He snapped back and then left the room angry. Great. Damon and anger is not a good combination.   Elena looked to me for help but I shrugged and shook my head. "She's our only chance."   "I will find another way." She said before grabbing Stefan and leaving the kitchen also.   --   I was sitting alone in the Salvatore parlor reading a book I had found on a shelf. But I wasn't as near into the book as I wish to be. The events from earlier kept repeating in my head. What he said was repeating in my head.   I make you feel human.   That's the problem. He did make me feel human. He made me care. The thing I hated most and he managed to break that from me. He managed to break that hatred I had toward humanity. Ever since I met him, I found myself caring, helping people, loving those I wish to not love.   But then there's Elena. The caring, sensitive, vulnerable, girl who lost her parents in a car the accident. I think a lot of her personality rubbed off of me also bringing back my humanity. She's the reason I will never get what I want. She's the reason Damon Salvatore will never love me. No matter how much I love him.   All of the sudden I heard the front door open and what sounded like I gasp of fresh air. This was followed by what sounded like foot steps running. Startled and curious, I got up to check things out.   I found Elena just standing inside the boarding with her back to me. She seemed scared. I looked past her and out the door only to see... Elijah? He was knelt down on the ground and looked like he was trying to regain his breath. He looked terrible. His clothes were a mess and he was unusally pale. Then it hit me. Elena undaggered him.   Elijah looked at Elena somewhat confused at first but that quickly went away and turned into anger. I was about to tell Elena to run but before I could Elijah sprang at her. Only he was stopped by an invisible barrier. "What.." He whispered to himself.   Elena took a relieved breath before speaking. "Sorry. No vampires aloud."   That's right. I had forgotten that Stefan and Damon gave the house over to Elena to keep as a safe house. I don't know how I forgot that. She tried to lock me out.   "Elena, what-" I started but Elena turned and shush me. She held a finger up to her ear and then pointed upstairs. She didn't want the brothers to hear us. "What are you doing?" I whispered.   She looked at me before turning back to Elijah. "I need your help."   Elijah gave her an 'Are You Kidding Me' look. "It's a little late for that don't you think?" Then he narrowed his eyes at me.   I rose my hands up in defense. "I didn't find out you were daggered until last night!"   "I'm sorry for daggering you." She responded. "But I need answers and you're the only one who has them."   "Answers to what?" I asked curiously.   "Klaus. The sacrifice. Everything."   "And I couldn't have told you that?" I said annoyed.   She turned back to Elijah ignoring me. "Can I trust you?" She whispered.   "Can I trust you?" He whispered back.   Elena looked back at me before taking out the dagger and handing it to Elijah. He sighed and placed it in the inside pocket of his torn up jacket.   "I need you to cover for me." Elena asked me. I was hesitant but finally nodded telling her that I would help her. Then I watched her leave with Elijah.   What have I gotten myself into....   It didn't take me long to come up with a plan. I told the brothers that Elena and I were going over to her old house to get more clothes so she could stay at the boarding house longer. I left before they could come down stairs and confront me about my plan.   Instead of actually going to Jenna's house, I went to the grill. I haven't been there in a while and maybe I'll run into some old friends that I used to go to school with. It'll also give me some time to think and hopefully make time pass before Stefan and Damon realized that I didn't actually go with Elena anywhere.   I walked into the grill and imeadiately scanned the crowd of people there. It was unusally busy for this time of the day. I locked eyes with a pair that I have not seen in a while. Matt.   I smiled and waved at him only for him to shoot me down. He instantly looked down and walked away. I pursed my lips in confused and watched as he walked to the back of the grill and take someone's orders. I frowned and sighed. He hasn't been the same since he found out about Caroline. Supposably she compelled him to forget but he wouldn't be acting this way around me if she had. Matt and I used to be close.   Without another thought about it, I walked to an empty table on the other side of the grill and sat down. I couldn't help but think about Klaus. I'm sure he was hurting. That betrayall look in his said it all. I have tried calling him several times since the dance but he's ignored them all. It wouldn't surprise me if he walked into this grill right now and came and killed me.   These thoughts and feelings made me wonder about Katherine. Katherine was probably being torchered if she's with him. All of this reminded me back to a day a long time ago and memory that is so hard to forget. It was a birthday. Klaus' birthday to be exact. It was the frist day I met a person who I knew from the start would be a great help to Klaus. Her name was Katerina Petrova a.k.a Katherine Pierce...   *Flashback - England, 1492*   I walked down the steps into a large room swarmed with dozens of people. Some children, adults, and even old folk have attended such party. I was happy and excited. Today was great day. It was Klaus' birthday. We have always celebrated his birthday and he's always wanted it a big celebration.   I scanned the crowd and quickly found my brother, Elijah. His shoulder length, wavy hair flipped a little as his eyes searched around. He met my gaze and sent a small smile which I sent back.   I started to walk over to him. My long brown wavy hair fell all the way down to my waist and swayed as I walked. I lifted up my long dress to keep from tripping and people stepping on it until I finally reached Elijah.   "I'm glad to see you're finally here. I didn't think you were going to make it." He said to me.   "And miss Klaus' party? I wouldn't miss it for the world."   He smiled. "I know."   Before he could say more, a young vampire approached us. His name was Trevor. I have met him serveral times before.   "Good evening, Trevor." Elijah greeted him. "I am happy you joined us tonight."   Trevor turned to me. "Good evening, Jessica. It's nice to see you again." He said taking my hand and pulling it up to his lips and kissing the back of it softly. I smiled at his chivalry. "I couldn't miss the birthday celebration." He said turning to Elijah again.   "No, considering the gift you claim to bear." Elijah started. I looked at him confused before he continued. "Where is this mystery girl?"   "What are you talking about?" I asked to either of them but they ignored my confused questions.   "Right this way."   We followed Trevor through the crowds of people all the way to the oppisite side of the large room. There stood a woman about my height. She was short. Her back was turned to us. She had long curly dark brown hair that flowed all the way down to her waist like mine. She seemed deep in thought as we approached her.   "My dear." Trevor stated slightly touching her arm causing her to turn around. I froze at the sight of her. It couldn't be....she looked exactly like her.   "Hello." She said her brown eyes filled with amuzement as she smiled. Her voice was laced with an British accent.   I glanced over to see Elijah stunned. My first thought was that he was thinking the same thing I was. She was beautiful. They was she talked- elagant and peaceful. Seemed so innocent and pure. She was just like her. She was just like Tatia. '   "Forgive me." Elijah suddenly said, pulling himself together. "You just...remind me of someone." He stated. That confirmed my thoughts. He was thinking of Tatia.   Trevor cut in before he could say anything else. "Katerina...this is Lord Elijah and his sister, Jessica." I smiled at Katerina as she glanced my way. I nodded at her which she returned showing off a smile back.   Elijah held his hand out for Katerina to take. She placed her hand in his almost instantly and bowed before curtsying. "It's a pleasure my lord."   "The pleasures mine." Elijah cut her off by taking her hand and slightly kissing the top of it. This made her smile and blush. "Katerina."   *Present Day*       "Jessica!" A voice shouted. I snapped out of my flashback to only see a pair of ice blue orbs looking at me. Oh great..   "What?!" I snapped back at Damon. I looked around and noticed that I was still in the grill like before. Only this time I had a coke in my hand that I didn't remember asking for. I guess I was to busy going down memory lane.   "Where's Elena?"   Oh shoot...   "Uh, bathroom." I quickly lied.   "You're lying." He said sharply. "Where's Elena?"   I sighed knowing I wasn't getting out of this. Elena will have to forgive me later. "She's with..Elijah."   "Elijah?" He said confused. "Elijah is locked in our basement with a dag- wait a minute..."   I bit my lip and looked at the table as he figured out what I was up to.   "You undaggered him?!"   "Me?!" I yelled. "This was all Elena's idea! I was just covering for her!"   He narrowed his eyes at me and looked as if he was about to say something else but his look suddenly softened. He took a deep breath before turning around and pulling out his cell phone. I watched him closely as he dialed a number and held the phone up to his ear.   "Are you really that stupid, Elena?" Damon whisper yelled at her through the phone as he began walking out of the grill. Probably so he wouldn't cause a scene. I followed him.   "Where are you? I'm coming to get you-right now." He continued talking to Elena.   I decided to listen on the conversation.   "Not you're not. Elijah and I need to talk....alone."   "He can't be trusted, Ele-" Damon started but was cut off.   "And you can trust Jessica?!" She shouted. "She's his family just as much as Elijah is. They both want Klaus dead."   Damon didn't say anything after that. He knew he was defeated. It didn't make much sense to be able to trust me and not trust Elijah when we both can do the same thing to screw stuff up. That would be not killing Klaus just because he's family.   "I'll keep in touch." Elena said and then hung up the phone.   Damon didn't say anything as he put his phone back in his pocket. He didn't even turn around to look at me and I know he knows I'm standing right behind him. He was upset. I could feel that pain for him. It made me upset with him.   "Let's go." He said emotionless, still not looking at me. He started to walk off to his car and I followed close behind. After getting in the front seat and closing the door, Damon then decided to speak. "So what happens?"   I rose my eyebrows. I didn't get it.   "What happens- in the sacrifice?" He asked. He still didn't look at me. He was looking straight ahead, hands gripped to the steering wheel.   I nodded. "I'll explain when we get back the boarding house. Stefan would want to hear it too."   He nodded and drove away from the grill. I sat back and watched the trees go by as I went into another flashback from the 1400's.   *England, 1492*   "So where's this mysterious host I've heard so much about?" Katarina asked taking a glance at Elijah. She was taking small steps, following us around the large party room. She look incredibly fascinated and was intrigued by everything.   "Fashionably late." I stated causing Elijah to form a small smile.   "He likes to make an entrance." He continued after me.   Elijah and I both caught a figure appearing in the doorway. Of course we knew they were coming well before Katarina did. Considering how she was only human. Elijah pointed toward the stairs well before the man even came down them.   "There he is." I said with a small smile.   Katarina turned instantly and looked around frantically. I let out a quiet giggle at the way she looked but I got scolded by Elijah when he sent me a hard look. I merely shrugged and continued to watch the stairs.   People were moving out of the way, making a path for the person approaching. The man suddenly appeared at the bottom of the stairs. His dirty blonde hair was perfectly wavy and shoulder length.   I watched as Katarina looked captivated as the man approached us. I smiled at him and he returned it.   "Katarina." Elijah said making the girl jump slightly as if she was pulling back to reality. "May I introduce you, the Lord Niklaus."   She slowly curtsied and her eyes never left his. Niklaus smirked at her. Something he does quite often. He looked over her and I knew what he was thinking also. He had the same thought Elijah and I did. She looked like Tatia and that we would need her. Soon.   He took her hand a placed a gentle kiss on the back of it, just like Elijah had done. "Niklaus is the name my father gave me." He started. His British accent rang through Katarina ears and it was noticeable that she was fascinated. " me Klaus."   *Mystic Falls, Present*   Damon and I had just gotten home. He did not say a word the entire ride home. Something was bothering him. The only thing I could think of is that it was Elena. He was worried for her.   It hurt me that he cared for her so much. She has Stefan. He didn't have to go through this pain everyday. He hides it very well but I can see through that.   "Where is she?" Stefan asked sounding worried as we walked through the door.   Damon didn't answer him. He just walked by and went straight the liquor cabinet. Stefan looked at me.   "She's with Elijah." I said and his eyes widened. "There's no need to worry, Stefan. I'm sure she will be fine." I reassured him.   "So are you going to tell us about the sacrifice or not?" Damon asked entering the hallway where Stefan and I were.   I nodded and we all went to the parlor to sit.   "So it all started when we met Katarina Petrova."   "Katherine." Stefan stated and I nodded, leading into the story.   "I met Katherine at a birthday party for Klaus. It was obvious she was the doppelganger we needed. We knew it from the moment we first looked at her. After the party we were all sitting together..."   *England, 1492*   Elijah, Klaus, and I were all sitting in a bedroom. I was laying across the bed looking straight up at the ceiling as Klaus and Elijah were looking a parchment that Elijah had shown him.   "Look what I found." Elijah said amused. "the Roman parchment."   I was instantly by their side with the help of my vampire speed at the sound of that name. I looked over the parchment and smirked.   Klaus had on his amused face."I remember etching this!" He exclaimed. "Well, I was a bit blistered from a drink."   I laughed. "You're finest work remains your Aztec drawing." Elijah smiled slightly and nodded in agreement.   "Not the African carvings?" Klaus mocked us. "'Cause I was quite proud of those!"   'The Aztec." Elijah said disagreeing with him and agreeing with me.   Klaus then laughed. "Yes!"   *Mystic Falls - Present*   "Alright, so we knew all this." Damon said sounding bored. "Klaus made up the curse, but why?"   "He thought that if there was some curse the was bound between two supernatural species, than they would go looking head over heels for some ancient moonstone and the doppelganger." I replied.   "Basically just to help him in the long wrong." Stefan concluded.   "Yeah, he was just using the two species." I shrugged.   "Continue." Damon stated dryly. "Tell us something we don't know."   I rolled my eyes. I was about to continue but Stefan's phone went off right before I was about to start.   "It's Jenna." He said and got up to leave the room, leaving me here alone with Damon.   I looked at Damon only to find him slouched over and staring at the ground. He was in deep thought. He didn't even look remotely curious to why Jenna was calling. Especially Stefan of all people. She's supposed to be in North Carolina at the Duke campus. My only guess was that he was worrying about Elena...again.    "She will be fine." I reassured him.    He looked at me with a raised eye brow. "Klaus is going to sacrifice her over some ancient rock and you are saying she'll be fine?!"    I was about tired of him and when he didn't believe me that Elena will be fine. It was becoming annoying.    "Why do you care so much, Damon?! Do you think saving her will make her love you? No. It won't. She loves Stefan!" I snapped. He stared over me with a blank expression but you could see the anger boiling up through his eyes. "It's always gonna be..Stefan." I said much calmer but still as annoyed. When he didn't answer me, I spoke again.    "Move on, Damon. I don't see how you can love someone who doesn't love you when you can look right in front of you and find someone that does."  I said. My voice broke a little towards the end. I was actually almost in tears. I was almost in tears from the jealously and hatred I had towards Elena because she had something that I didn't. I was sad that Damon didn't want me. The hardest thing ever is to watch the person you love, love someone else...   The anger that Damon was building up suddenly disappeared. I turned to leave the room before he could say anything. I practically told him I loved him and made things awkward so I thought it would be best to leave.    "We have a problem." Stefan said suddenly infront of my pathway to the door. Great. Now I couldn't leave.    "What is it?" I asked.    "Klaus is with Jenna."    --   Stefan and I were now at Jenna's house. Apparently 'Alaric' came by to 'talk about their fight' from before she left for Duke and she let him in even though we left her a million voices mails saying to go no where near him.    I would have stayed back at the boarding house but Damon was there and I didn't want to do that. So I decided to face my brother and possibly get killed instead.    We entered- well Stefan entered, I was never invited in, Jenna's house to find her and 'Alaric' talking.    "Jenna." Stefan said when he entered the kitchen. "I need you to do something for me."    She looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" Stefan lightly grabbed her arm and started pulling her towards the door where I was. "What are you doing?" She pleaded.    "I need you to let Jessica in." He said, I grimmaced at the sound of my full name. Jenna nodded towards me, allowing me to come inside. I smiled and stepped through the door way.    "Thank you, Jenna." I said with a smile and walked towards the kitchen where Klaus was, pretending to be Alaric.    "What are you doing?" I growled at Klaus under my breath. He only smirked and walked past me.    "What is going on?!" Jenna questioned. "Ric?!"    Alaric walked over to Jenna and tried placing a hand on her cheek but she quickly slapped it away and took a step back.    "What is going on?" She asked again.    Klaus laughed. "Well, that's a funny story actually. I'm not exactly..Alaric."    "Don't." Stefan said sternly towards Klaus.    "Wh-What are you talking about?" Jenna said backing up towards the counter. I watched as she grabbed a knife and pointed it towards Alaric.    "Would you like to tell her, Stefan..or shall I?" Klaus asked Stefan. He had on an amused face and watched as Stefan's anger began to boil up.    "No." Stefan spat.    "Fine." Klaus said holding up his hands and turning towards Jenna. " you believe in vampires?"    My eyes widened at Klaus' words.   "Vampires?" Jenna asked looking confused as she still held the knife close to her.    "Don't do this." I said towards Klaus. He only ignored me.    "Because they are real." He said.    This time Jenna rolled her eyes. "Great." She said. "You're crazy. I'm dating a crazy man."    "You don't believe me?" He asked, cocking his head to the side. "Well, that's a shame. you believe in vampires?" He looked towards Stefan and smiled.    "Stop it, Ric!" I shouted. I used Alaric's name so Jenna doesn't find out anything. But Klaus was really pushing the edge.    "What about you, Jessica?!" He shouted in my face. "You believe in vampires, right?"    I was angry now and there was no stopping it. In a flash I had 'Ric' pinned up against the wall by his throat. Since he was in a human form he was alot weaker now. I flashed him my fangs and I felt my face change into vampire mode. Meaning I had veins appear under my eyes as the became blood red. I growled at him and he struggled for breath.    I heard Jenna gasp from the other side of the room. I was so angry at Klaus for coming after Jenna that I didn't even care that she saw me like this.    "Get Jenna out of here." I said towards Stefan.    Once I knew they were gone, I gripped onto Klaus' throat tighter.    "Easy there, love." He struggled to catch air. "Wouldn't want to actually kill your friend here, now would you?"    "I am not your friend!" I spat.    "I'm talking about Alaric." He spat back. I sighed and released him. He dropped to the ground, gasping for air.   "This isn't a game, Klaus!" I shouted. "What's the point in going after Jenna?"     "Gonna after Jenna was to prove a point. It's so the Salvatore brothers, or you, know that I won't hesitate to kill any of the doppelgangers friends or family if they decide to do anything to ruin my sacrifice." He said. "Oh, and this is a game, Jess. You just chose the wrong team." He got dangerously close to me and whispered in my ear. "Just watch your back, sister."    With that, Klaus turned and left Jenna's house just leaving me there to ponder my thoughts.    --   I arrived back at the boarding house. I slammed the front door shut and walked into the parlor to find Jenna sitting on the couch crying. Elena was right beside her. When I entered, Jenna's eyes widened and tried everything to scoot back more on the couch. I rolled my eyes.    "No, it's okay. She's on our team." Elena reassured her.    "Finally done speaking to Elijah?" I asked her. My tone was a little harsh but I didn't care.    "No. I'm going back."    "Going back?" Damon said entering the room. He compeletely ignored me when he walked by me. Not even a glance was given.    "You can't go back." Stefan said, also coming into the parlor. Jenna looked incrediably uneasy with all the vampires in the room. Stefan looked towards me and I sent him a small smile. "Are you okay?" He mouthed towards me. He was obviously talking about my encounter with Klaus. I nodded.    "I promised Elijah I would, I gave my word." Elena answered the brothers.    "No!" Damon exclaimed.    "Let her go, Damon." Stefan said. Elena, Damon, and I all looked at him in shock.    "Are you kidding me?!" Damon said annoyed. "We just got her back!"    "I said let her go!" Stefan growled taking a step towards Damon. Damon was looking menacingly at Stefan as he took a step to the side and let Elena pass.    "That's twice you stood in my way, brother." He said. His voice was dangerously low. "I wouldn't try a third."    Wow. I feel sorry for the next time Stefan pisses of Damon. I'd hate to see what would happen to Stefan.    Stefan walked past Damon and went upstairs. I watched him until he wasn't in sight anymore and then turned back to Damon. This time he was looking at me. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever but was only a couple second until I looked away and at the ground. I, all of the sudden, felt insecure and nervous again.    "Uh.." I said not really finding any words to say. "I'll just be..going upstairs." I finally said still not looking at him. I didn't even wait for answer before I went upstairs and slammed my door shut.    I ran a hand through my long hair and sat on the bed. This whole Damon thing has put me on edge. Things are now awkward. That's me. Always making things awkward.    I slipped under my covers, not even caring that I was still in my clothes from today. Even though it was only the early afternoon, I drifted off into sleep, dreaming about my memories from 1492...   *England, 1492*   "Tonight's the full moon." Klaus told Elijah and I entering the room where we were at. "It's finally time..."   "Yes, after all this time." I smiled towards Klaus. He seemed relieved that this curse would be broken soon.    "I've been to see the witches." Elijah suddenly said, he looked sad. "They believe they have found a way to save the doppelgangers life."    "Katarina?" I questioned.  Why would he be sad about her dying? She's not really of any use to use. Besides maybe as a human blood bag. "Why?"   "Does it matter if she lives or not?" Klaus asked amused. "She's a means to an end, that's all."    "What?" Elijah spoke up. "Should she die for your gain?"    "Elijah..." I spoke softly. "What's gotten you so determined on saving the girls life?"  He looked down at me and he looked pained by the thought of Katarina dying.    "She is human!" Klaus said sternly. His voice never broke. "Her life means nothing."    "Nik, stop it!" I snapped at him. He looked started for a moment but that disappeared quickly.    "I beg you to consider this." Elijah pleaded in a quiet voice. It was barely above a whisper.    "Are you so foolish as to care for her?" Klaus spat. His voice was mean and menacing. He couldn't even believe what he was hearing.    "Is caring for someone such a bad thing?!" I defended Elijah. I have cared once. I have cared many times in my vampire days. I care for someone now. Only Klaus does not know about him. He never liked me meeting someone. He never approved.    "Love is a vampires greatest weakness." He said taking steps towards me. "And we are not weak, Jessica. We do not feel, and we don't care." He said walking away from us.    "Well, I do!" I shouted. Klaus stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't even turn around, he didn't even answer me. He just stopped.    "We did once..." Elijah said breaking the silence.    "Too many lifetimes ago to matter." Klaus said after pulling out of memory lane from the time he did care. "Tell the witches not to bother. The sacrifice happens tonight, as planned."    *Present Day*   I woke up to the sound of fighting and stuff breaking coming from across the hall. From what I could hear, I could tell that it was a major fight and it sounded like it was Damon and Stefan.    I hurried up out of bed and ran at vamp speed across the hall into the library. My thoughts were correct when I found Stefan and Damon growling in each others faces. They look like they wanted to kill each other. They didn't even know I was there, they just kept fighting. I stared at the damage of the room. It was completely trashed. This must have been strike three.    I heard footsteps coming from behind me but I didn't bother to turn around. I knew it was Elena. Elijah was with her too.    She appeared in the door way and gasped at what she saw. "Stop!" She yelled. This caused the brothers to stop in dead tracks and look at her.    "You've invited him in now?" Damon snapped at Elena sounding really annoyed.    She sighed. "Elijah and I have renewed our deal. Only it's slightly different this time."    "Really?" I asked in disbelief. Elena stabs Elijah in the heart with a dagger and he's willing to keep everyone of Elena's friends safe? I wouldn't have renewed the deal if that was me.    "The two of you will come to no harm at my hands." Elijah stated, looking over the brothers. "I only ask for one thing in return."    "What?" Damon spat.    "An apology."    I let out a short laugh causing Elijah and Elena to dart eyes at me. "Yeah.." I said laughing. "Good luck getting an apology out of Damon."    Damon glared at me but I only shrugged in return. That was the first time we've kinda aknowledged each other since this morning.    Stefan took a step near Elijah and Elena, "I'm very sorry for the part I played in your death. I was protecting Elena. I will always protect Elena." I glanced at Damon when he said that only to see him roll his eyes. What the hell? Damon has no room to talk.    "I understand." Elijah agreed with Stefan and then look to Damon for an apology.    "Look, Damon." I said taking a step towards him. "That sacrifice is going to happen whether you like it our not. Bonnie's going to be able to kill Klaus without hurting herself and Elijah knows how to save Elena's life. We've got it figured out. What more do you want?"    Damon looked down at me for only a second. Then he looked at Elena. "Is this true?" She nodded. "And you're trusting him?" He asked and she nodded again.    "Yeah." She said with confindence.    He looked down at me again. I nodded as a reassurance that everything will be fine. I thought he was finally going to understand that Elena will be fine but I was totally wrong.    "You all can go to hell." He snapped and looked at everyone in the room, expect me. Then he stormed past me and out of the room. I sighed and looked at the ground. Why couldn't Damon just listen to me and trust me?    Oh that's right, because he can't trust Elijah. Therefore, he can't trust me. I should have known I couldn't ever get through to a person like Damon.    "He's angry with me right now." I heard Stefan tell Elijah. I still didn't turn around to look at them though. "But he'll come around."    "Perhaps." Elijah agreed.    With that I left the library. I didn't say a word to the others as I left. I just wanted to be alone.    --   I was sitting alone in the hallway of the boarding house. I had a glass of Burboun in my hand. The day had been so stressful, I just had to have a drink. I mean, with Elena sneaking off with Elijah, Jenna finding out about vampires, and Damon getting in Stefan's face, it was all just to much.    With one swift motion, I downed the entire glass. I set the cup to the side and lead my head back against the wall.    Just then I heard what sounded like crying and running. I looked up to see a woman running down the stairs. She was wearing lingerie while holding her clothes in her hand. She was crying uncontrollably and shaking. I recognized her. She was the tv reporter, Andy Star. What was she doing her and how long has she been here? Most of all, how have I not noitced her here before?!    Before she could reach the door, I grabbed her arm to stop. She turned around a looked at me. She looked scared.    "What happened?" I asked her.    "Damon said I have to go before he kills me." She then ripped her arm away from me and ran out the door, slamming it shut.    So she was Damon's human blood supply. If he keeps it up like this, he's going to have us all exposed to the town. Damon is very unstable right now and he needs someone to talk to. So guess what? I'm going to go play 'friend' and talk to him.    I walked slowly into Damon's room, not bothering to knock. When I didn't see him at first, I walked further in the room.    "I thought I told you to leave, Andy." Damon snapped. He was sitting in front of his fireplace with his back to me. "How are you still here?"    "It's me, Damon." I sighed.    He didn't bother to look at me. "What do you want, Jess?" I smiled slightly when he used my nickname. "Come to take my booze too? I mean it's the only other thing that makes me happy..." He trailed off towards the end and it seemed like he was thinking about something. I decided just to ignore it and walk over to him till I was standing behind him.    "Damon...we need to talk." I quietly said. He still didn't look at me. His eyes were glued to the fire.    "About?"    "Everything..." I practically whispered.    "If you're going to lecture me about loving Elena, you can leave now."    "I'm not here to talk about her."    "Good, because I don't want too."    I didn't answer him and things became silent.    "But...we do need to talk." I said finally speaking up. I didn't want to back down and let him feel sorry for himself.   "You know what, Jess? I don't want to talk." He snapped finally looking at me. He stood up. His eyes were bloodshot and he had blood dripping from his mouth. I assumed that was Andy's blood. "So why don't you just leave..."   I shook my head. "I'm not leaving." I said with confidence.    Damon wiped the blood off he had dripping down his chin. I just wanted him to feel better. I wanted to be the one that made him happy, not hurt him.    "Don't you get it? I don't want to talk about how much I love Elena when I'm around you. You know why?" He questioned. "It's because I don't love Elena."    "Damon, you don't have-" I was starting to say but he cut me off.    "No! I don't love Elena...because I love you."    My eyes widened in surprised. Did he just say he..loved me?    "W-What?" I stuttered looking in Damon's eyes. They showed emotions. Admiration, All of these showed in his eyes as he looked down at me.    "I don't love Elena." He said quietly and stepping closer to me. I couldn't move. I was so surprised. "I was using her to try and get over you. I do want to protect her and keep her safe but that's for my brother. It's the same with Andy. We got off on the wrong start when I first met you, so I thought you hated me this entire time. Until today..."    I smiled. I couldn't actually believe this was happening. I was about to say something else but Damon smashed his lips onto mine. I didn't hesitate to kiss him back. It was everything I hoped for.    The kiss was passionate. Every emotion that was bottled up from both us was finally released and soon enough our tounges were battling for dominance.    Damon used his vamp strength and speed to throw us on his bed. We broke apart for only a second to catch our breath before he started planting light kisses down my neck. It felt right, and it was pure pleasure.    I wanted to cherish this moment. It sent chills down my spine. I could feel again. The emotions I turned off came back. He was right. He did make me feel human.    We layed there in each others arms. My head was resting on his chest as he held me tightly in his arms. As if he was afriad to let me go. I felt him kiss the top of my hair.    "I love you, Jess." He whispered.    I smiled. "I love you too."    And I meant it.    -------------------------------------------   Hello, lovelies!! :)    I had so much fun writing this chapter. Like seriously. I know it's not exactly like the show especially with the way that Jenna found out vampires but I wanted to make it my own. Plus, I wanted to throw in a little Klaus and Jess drama.    So what do you guys think about Jess and Damon together?! It was sorta a shocker right? lol no? Oh okay...     (:    Well, comment and tell me your opinion on this story. I really need feed back! Please, vote and commment. I really just want to hear what you think.    Thank you for reading, the next chapter will be uploaded as soon as possible! :)    Bye sweethearts. ;) <3 
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