One Of The Originals (Vampire Diaries- FanFic)

First and for most I would like to say that all rights go to L.J Smith for writing such an amazing book and Julie Plec and the producers of the CW show The Vampire Diaries. I do not own anything from the show or book. Some characters will be the same as the show but I will not take credit for them. Thank you! x
This is the story about a vampire named Jessica. She's not just any old vampire, she's an original. Her brother, Niklaus (Klaus for short), daggered her along with the rest of his family. One day, he needs help. So he goes to undagger Jessica. But of course, if your brother kills you I'm sure you would be very ticked off. So will Jessica ever be able to forgive Klaus and help him or will she turn her back on him? Hmmm. Intense. Read to find out what happens.


9. The Sacrifice Part 1


"Okay, so let me get this straight? Katherine's in the tomb with the moonstone?" I asked. Damon was trying to explain to me all that has happened before I arrived to Mystic Falls. Like when Damon killed Stefan's best friend, Lexi, and how Katherine was the one that turned Caroline and how Tyler Lockwood just recently turned due to Katherine again. That's where I got confused. Why would Katherine both want Caroline a vampire and have Tyler trigger his curse? It just doesn't make sense.

"No, we have the moonstone, Katherine ran for the hills." He said and added an eye roll at the end of the sentence. "She was supposed to stay here and help us but she ran."

"Well she's been running for 500 years. She's used to it." I paused. "What if Klaus has her?"

"That's a possibility. If she is with him then she's probably dead."

"No, no. She's been running for 500 years. Killing her would be to easy. Klaus isn't that way." I said. "But anyway, the 60's dance-"

"Glad you mentioned that." Stefan said walking into the room with a panic looking Elena following him. Poor thing was in shock. Earlier today Klaus was apparently somewhere in the school and compelled a high school student to tell Elena to save him the last dance. She couldn't stop saying how hot he was. Something tells me that was Klaus' doing. She of course became frightened but I laughed to myself. That was so cliche of him. "What exactly are we gonna do about that?"

"Easy- not go." Damon stated.

"If Klaus doesn't kill me, Caroline will if I'm not there." Elena said and Damon rolled his eyes.

They started arguing about going and not going while I tried to think of an actual idea.

"We should go." I then said and everybody turned there attention to me. "We can take Klaus down tonight. Bonnie has the magic right?" I asked and Stefan and Damon both nodded. "This is our chance. We don't have to wait till Elena dies and might not come back or we can do it now so everyone is safe."

"That's actually not a bad idea." Stefan said and I smiled. Point scored for Jess. "Call Alaric and Bonnie and tell them to get over here so we can let them in on the plan."

Damon went to call Alaric and Elena went to call Bonnie while I was left here with the younger Salvatore, Stefan.

"So what do you suggest I wear for the '60's? After all I was dead during the time." I said sarcastically and Stefan laughing.

Damon and Elena walked back in the room and we waited for the others to show.


Bonnie came over with Jeremy so we already explain to them what was going on when Alaric finally decided to show up.

"Sorry I'm late. What's going on?" Alaric awkwardly came into the boarding house.

"We're chaperoning the dance tonight. Klaus made a move." Damon said to him patting him on the shoulder.

"Really? So what's the plan?" He asked.

"Bonnie." I said pointing over to her. Alaric looked at her and then back at me. "With the power of 100 dead witches, we should be able to take him. If he even shows up, we will get him alone and let Bonnie do her witchy voodoo stuff." I said while waving my hands around and ending with a shrug.

"Are you sure you can do this?" He asked Bonnie.

"I'm sure." She said with confidence. He looked back at me once more.

"And you? Are you sure you can do this?" He asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" I said kinda confused. Alaric knew how much I wanted my brother dead. "You know how much I want him dead."

He didn't respond but he had a look in his eye. But it disappeared as fast as it came. I couldn't quite place my finger on it but it reminded me of betrayal. Like he was almost heart broken or sad that I was to go against my brother.

"Alright.." He finally said. "Then I will meet you there." He left the boarding house without anyone protesting.

"Did anyone else find that strange?" I asked and they nodded. I shrugged it off and walked up to my room and try to find a good outfit for the dance tonight.


I held up two outfits close to me and looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't decided which outfit to choose. I rather not wear any of them. What were these people thinking? Kinda makes me glad that I wasn't around in the '60's.

"I'd go with the sexy hippy." I heard someone say from the door. I rolled my eyes. "It'd suite you best."

"And why is that, Damon?" I asked not even turning around.

"Because you're sexy. Why else?" He smirked and I rolled my eyes again. I had a habit of doing that around him.

"Fine I'll wear the hippy outfit as long as you agree to be my date."

"Fine, I'll do it."

I just starred at him in shock through the mirror. "You'll do it? No witty comments and annoyed eye rolling?"

"Why would I? We both have to go anyway, I get to watch an original vampire die, and I get to watch you dance around in a short dress and gogo boots."

I scoffed. "I regret asking you now."

"See you at the dance." He sang and winked at me. I rolled my eyes but as soon as he left the room, I felt the corners of my mouth turn up into a smile. My heart also began to flutter. I'm 1000 years old and I still feel like a teenage girl.

I wore a pink, green, white, and black swirly pattern dress that went to the middle of my thighs. It had long sleeves that flared out at the wrist and a black belt around my waist. I wore black fishnet leggings that tucked into black gogo boots. I wore big white hoop earings and I had my hair pushed back in a pink hair band. (Pic on the side)

My hair was straight and my make up was made up of simple eye liner and mascara.

I walked out of my guest room at the Salvatores and ran straight into Elena.

"You look nice." She said.

"It's not my best attire." I said really bringing out my British accent. "But it will do for tonight. Are you ready for this?" I said referring to killing Klaus.

"Hm? Oh yeah, I'll be happy when it's all over." She replied.

"You can say that again." I sighed.

"I'll be happy when it-"

"I get it." I said and we started laughing. She suddenly stopped and she looked at me worriedly.

"Are you sure you can do this?" She asked.

I didn't answer. Why is everybody assuming I won't go forth the plan? Elijah is right. He destroyed our family, killed my mother, and is a disgrace to nature. Killing him is for the best. It'll be for Finn, Kol, and Rebekah. God knows wherever they are.

"Yes." I finally replied and turned to walk down the stairs to the parlor.


"Come on, NiKlaus. You're going to have to do a lot better than that." I laughed while running away from my brother.

"If you'd stop running so fast maybe I could catch up." He said panting and out of breath.

"That's the point of the game, Nik." I whined. "You run after me until you catch me then I have to chase you."

"This is ridiculous." He muttered.

"Don't be such a downer. Who knows? Many years from now it'll be a good childhood game." I smirked and he rolled his eyes.

"You keep wishing that." He said and ran towards me until he caught me. I laughed as he picked me up and spun me around. "Okay, I caught you, now what?"

"I'm it. I have to chase you now."

"You come up with the most ridiculous things."

"But you still love me." I sang and he laughed. It was silent for a moment until I spoke again. "Will we always be this close, Nik?"

"Of course."

"Do you promise?"

He looked at me as if almost unsure. But only after a moment did he lips curl into a smile showing off his dimples. "I promise. Always and Forever, Jess."

I smiled. "Always and Forever."

*Present Day*

There once was a time that I could trust my brother. He was more than just my brother. He was also my best friend. We were always so close. It's funny what 1000 years can do to a person.

Now those words haunt me.

Always and Forever.

It's not fun living an eternity full of broken promises. If you think I'm being dramatic then call me the sensitive one. I trust no one because of him and I don't have a family because of him. He took all that away. Always and forever my arse! He can rot in hell for all I care.

I was caught up in my past that I didn't even realize that we have arrived at the school. I got out of Damon's car and slammed the door shut.

"Someone's fiesty." I heard Damon say and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

"Let's just get tonight over with." I sighed and Damon appeared by my side holding out his arm. I smiled slightly and looped my arm around his as we made our way to the entrance.

"Go on ahead. I'll be right there." Damon said when we caught up with Elena and Stefan. He was looking at Bonnie and Jeremy having a conversation and I knew he was listening. Even if they didn't realize it.

I wanted to stay and listen but I got pulled away by Elena. All I heard was Jeremey say something about a warning to Bonnie. He looked worried but Bonnie just looked annoyed.

We went inside the gym followed by Bonnie, Jeremy, and Damon shortly after.

"So how's everyone doing?!" The same girl from lunch said to the crowd of people. They all cheered. I thought about drowning her out. "We have a special shout out for..Elena! From Klaus." She smiled towards us.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Elena and Stefan were on edge searching around for Klaus. How must he taunt her? Can't he just kidnap her like a normal 1000 year old vampire would do?

"Keep an eye out for him." Stefan told us.

"What are we supposed to do? Just stand here and look like panicked idiots searching through the crowd of people?" I asked annoyed. 

"I know everyone here." Elena said still searching and ignoring my words. 

The best thing for us to do would be to just blend in and let Klaus come to us. Especially if he's here. It seems like Bonnie could read thoughts because she was starting to lead Jeremy towards the dance floor.

"We'll it's dance. I wanna dance." Bonnie said grabbing Jeremy's hand.

"Oh no... I don't really dance..." He protested as she dragged him off to the dance floor.

Elena laughed and pulled Stefan onto the dance floor. I looked to Damon to see if he would dance with me since he was my date but he didn't even acknowledge I was there. I frowned and watched as he walked over to Alaric.

Some date he is. I really regret telling him that he is my date.


By now, Stefan was no where to be found and my date was dancing with Bonnie so I was stuck standing by the punch bowl with Elena and Jeremy. Jeremy looks as if he was really upset about something and he couldn't take his eyes off of Bonnie and Damon. 

Even though Bonnie didn't really look like she was having any fun dancing with Damon and they only look engaged in a intense conversation. I don't get it. What does Bonnie know that we don't? 

"What are they up to?" I asked mostly to myself but Jeremy answered. 

"Who knows." He said sharply. I looked at him confused but he avoided my eye contact. 

"Are you okay, Jer?" Elena asked her little brother. You could tell that she was really worried. 

"Fine." He said sternly glancing over to Bonnie and Damon once more, "I'm fine." After that Jeremy left us and walked into the crowd leaving us both very confused. 

I glanced over my shoulder to see Stefan approaching Elena and I. She didn't even notice he was there until he spoke. 

"Hey, is everything alright?" He asked us. 

"I'm not sure. Jeremy's isn't telling us something." Elena answered looking back to where Jeremy walked off to. 

Stefan then nodded and followed Elena's gaze toward the direction Jeremy went. He gave her a smile small and a pat on the back before walking off to find out what was wrong with Jer. I followed him very curious to find out what he knows. 

We found him walking down the empty hallways away from the dance. You could easily tell just by the way he was walking that something was wrong. 

"Jeremy!" Stefan yelled, jogging to catch up with him. He glanced back but rolled his eyes and kept on walking. "Hey" Stefan called finally catching up to  him. He placed his hand on Jeremy's shoulder to get him to stop. "What's going on?" 

Jeremy glanced back at me as I caught up to the two of them before answering Stefan's question. "It's Bonnie." He started. "If she uses all of that power tonight to kill Klaus... she'll die." 

My eyes widened. "What?" 

"There's a fifty-fifty chance that she won't but I'm not taking those risks." He said kinda angrily. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I could tell that Stefan thought the same thing. "Bonnie's on a suicide mission to save Elena."  

Jeremy explained the rest of the story to Stefan and I about how the witches sent Bonnie and warning when she got all the power and how she didn't listen. Now Elena and I were trying to find Bonnie to talk her out of it. Yes, Stefan and I told Elena what was going on and Stefan was going to find Damon and probably give some speech about him not telling us after he found out about Bonnie. 

"Bonnie!" Elena yelled when we finally found Bonnie. She grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the dance with me following closely behind. "How could you not tell me you could die using all that power?!" She practically yelled once we were outside. 

"Because I knew this is exactly how you would react!" She spat back. She was upset that Elena found out when she wasn't supposed to know and she didn't look like she was going to regret dying to save her best friend. "It's out only option." 

Elena shook her head and had tears in her eyes. "Then we will find another way." 

I agreed. "Yeah, Bonnie. The point of this is so no one has to die. Well...besides Klaus." 

"If I don't use it and something happens to you, Elena, that would kill me even more." She pleaded. 

I knew where Bonnie was coming from. There once was a time that I would die for the people I cared about too. Before everything happened and I was left alone. All of which was caused by Klaus. Everything bad happens because of him. 

And we need Bonnie to put an end to him. 

"Let me ask you a question." She said causing Elena to stop arguing with her for a moment. "If the situation was reversed, would you do it for me." Elena didn't answer she just looked at the ground. "See, so now you know why I have to." Bonnie said. 

I couldn't let Bonnie die. I wasn't going to let her die. I had a plan. I just need to let someone else know about it. 

I needed to find Damon. 

I was about to take off and go find Damon but Alaric came running up to us panting and out of breath. 

"Alaric? What is it?" I asked. 

"It's Jeremy." He said with wide eyes. 

"What?!" Elena asked frantically. 

"Klaus has him! Let's go!" Alaric yelled and ran off with us following closely behind. Of course it would be Klaus to use Elena's brother to lure her out. He couldn't be a man about it. 

We all followed Alaric down the school's hallways worrying about Jeremy. We kept moving but there was no sign of Klaus or Jeremy anywhere. 

"Something's going on..." I whispered to myself. "This is right..." Bonnie must have heard me because she stopped causing Elena and I to stop as well. 

"Where's Jeremy?" She asked causing Alaric to stop. 

Alaric then laughed with his back towards us. I raised my eyes and looked at him confused as did Bonnie and Elena. Something's wrong with Alaric. It's almost as if he..wasn't himself. 

"I just had to get away from the dance." He chuckled and turning around to face us. Bonnie instantly lifted her arm slightly as to shield Elena as I stood behind the two girls. I was still shocked about his sudden mood change. "The sixties. Really not my decade." He smirked. "I much perfer the twenties. The style, parties, the jazz." 

He started to walk towards us and with every stop Elena and Bonnie took more steps backward. But I stood my ground. I was an original. What could he do to me? 

"Are you on vervain?" Elena asked Alaric and he looked at her back with an amused expression. I knew that expression. It was the same expression as... no it couldn't be...

"Now why would you ask me that, Elena?" He asked back glancing at me with a smirk on his face. It's like he could tell I was slowly putting pieces together even though I have no figured it out yet. "Love, stop looking me up and down." 

My eyes widended. Love. Alaric doesn't say love. But I know who does. 

I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off by Elena. "He's being compelled." She told Bonnie and I. Alaric only continued to stare at me. He knew I figured it out. He knew I knew who he really was. My eyes never left his and he ansered Elena's statement. 

"Nope, try again." He said with a smile. "Why don't you ask Jessica here? I think she's figured it all out." He said. I only glared at him. For starters, he called me Jessica. I don't like when people call me Jessica. Second, he was playing us the entire time. Like he always has and always will. 

"Jess....what's going on?" Bonnie asked stepping in front of Elena protectively and glaring at Alaric. 

"I'll give you a hint..." Alaric grinned. "I am not...Alaric." 

"Klaus..." I finally managed to breathe out. 

Alaric...well Klaus...smirked at me. This entire time he was being Alaric. That means he knew I betrayed him. He knows I'm going to kill him. That's why there was a hurt look in his eyes earlier today. He's upset by the fact that I betrayed him. 

Even though I hated my brother, I still felt bad for causing him to feel betrayed but deep down even he knows he deserves it. 

"Surprise!" Klaus- in Alaric's body - yelled and with a grin spread on his face. 

"That's impossible..." Elena breathed out. Finally speaking up. 

"But it is." I answered. "Especially if you have a witch on your side." I glared at Alaric. 

"More like a lot of witches on my side, Jessica." He said. "Relax, Elena, Jessica. You two are not on my hit list tonight." He said then looking at Bonnie. "But you are." 

Before he could even have a chance to take Bonnie he was thrown up against the lockers. Bonnie had used her powers. He only laughed though. 

"Remember me saying that I know some witches? You're going to have to hit me a lot harder than that." He said and tried to spring at Bonnie but only to be flown back into the glass of the trophy case. The glass shattered all over the floor as he groand in pain. He got right back up. "By all away!" He yelled. 

Bonnie turned to Elena. "Go. Run!" 

Without hesitation Elena ran away from Klaus, Bonnie and I and hopefully to go warn the others. 


Damon and I were now standing waiting for Elena to come back with Stefan. Apparently Klaus is using a protection spell to make Bonnie weak. Klaus had run off but we told Bonnie that she still has to fight. 

That plan that I have thought of before, Damon had the same idea. What can I say? Great minds think a like. Bonnie understands what going to happen to her. But she's doing it for Elena. 

"There you are." Damon said causing me to turn around only to see Elena with Stefan. 

"What are you doing here?" Elena asked worriedly. "Where's Bonnie?!" 

"She's doing what she has to do." I answered calmly. Elena looked at me wide eye'd and had tears starting to form in her eyes. She knew what we meant. Bonnie was fighting for her. 

She knew Bonnie was going to die. 

"Where is she?" Stefan then growled. 

"Let her do this, Stefan!" Damon argued back. 

"There's nothing you guys could do." I said hoping to calm them down. 

Elena looked at me and a tear fell from her eyes. "I thought you weren't going to let her do this?!" She cried. I didn't answer. "Where is she!?" She yelled and I stepped away from her letting her go around me to where Bonnie was. Damon gave me a 'what the hell' look but I shrugged him off. 

I watched as Elena and Stefan ran off towards where Bonnie and Klaus were at. 

I followed at  a walk behind them but I didn't go with them to see Bonnie. But there pleading shouts for their friend to stop could still be heard. 

"Bonnie!" Elena yelled only shortly after a door was slammed. "Bonnie! Bonnie!" She yelled hitting the door trying to get it to open. She was in tears and crying while she banged on the door. Through all of this you could hear the cries of pain coming from behind the sealed doors. The were coming from Alaric. Whatever Bonnie was doing, was causing him great pain. 

Suddenly everything stopped. The cries of pain, the banging on the door, everything. It just stopped. Elena was able to open the doors and run inside. That's when I followed behind them to the room. 

I felt me eyes water at what I saw but I knew this would happen. Bonnie was dead. She layed motionless on the floor while Elena cried over her, begging Stefan to help her bring her back. 

"I'm sorry..." Stefan said his voice breaking. "It's too late." 

Elena cried some more. "Oh my god..Jeremy." She said when she realized that she was the closest thing to Jeremy. 

"I'll find him." I said entering the room and speaking for the first time. 

"Stefan, get Elena home." Damon said entering the room too. "I'll take care of the body." 

"What do you mean 'take care of it'?!" Elena yelled mocking Damon. 

"The sheriff can't know about this!" I yelled. 

"We don't need another mysterious death on our hands." Damon said calmly. 

"This is Bonnie!" Elena yelled back. 

"Get her home. Now." Damon growled under her breath. Stefan picked Elena up from the floor and tried to comfort her. 

"Hey. Hey. Shhhh." He said leading her out of the room. Elena didn't say anything else but she glared at me as she walked by. She was hurt. Of course she would be. Even after I told her I wasn't gonna let Bonnie die, she still did. 

Or so she thought....


I arrived back at the boarding house only to find Elena and Stefan sitting by the fire. She was still crying although it looked like she had no left tears to cry.  Her eyes darted towards me when I entered the parlor. 

"What'd you do with her!?" Elena yelled stomping over towards me. 

"Damon's taking care of it." I said slowly back. Not trying to argue with her. 

"It?!" She shouted. "This was Bonnie! You knew if she used that much power she was going to die. Yet, you still let her do it! Even if you told her not too. You didn't do anything to stop her. It wasn't Damon's fault for putting her up to it. It was yours! You didn't stop her." 

Elena kept rambling on and on about how I should not have let her do it and it was all my fault blah blah blah. I was now annoyed. 

"Yes, Elena. I didn't stop her. I knew she was going to die!" I yelled. 

Next thing I know I am being slapped in the face. My head turned to the side but I instantly snapped it back to it's orignal position. She knew it would have no affect. But I let her do it. I deserved that one. 

"You need to listen to me, Elena." I said seriously. She nodded for me to continue. "Klaus taking Alaric's body was a surprise to Bonnie. He used a protection spell so she couldn't do anything about it. It was all part of his plan. He wasn't going to stop and we couldn't do anything to stop him until he knew she was dead. Bonnie..." I said taking a pause. I heard the door open and close so I knew Damon was back. "She had to die. He had to believe she was dead." 

"What?" She asked bewildered. "Bonnie...." 

"She cast a spell." Damon's voice said behind me. "Bonnie's okay." 

After that I turned away and walked up the stairs to my room. Elena looked almost relieved after hearing the news. She's going to keep annoying us for not telling her Damon and I's plan but for Klaus to believe she was dead, her reaction had to be real. Now, we can actually use Bonnie in our original plan, and kill Klaus after the sacrifice on the next full moon. He won't see it coming. 

I looked at myself in the mirror of my bathroom that's connected to my bedroom. Sighing, I turned on the water and splashed some all over my face. Only trying to take off the make up that's smeared on my face from the events at the dance. I returned my gaze to the mirror only to notice the necklace hanging around my neck. It's the necklace that Klaus had given me for my birthday. 

Looking at it only brought back the look in his eyes when he found out I had betrayed him. I was always there for him, next to Rebekah. A part of me wanted me to feel bad that I betrayed him but it's not like he didn't have it coming. 

My mind is set on one thing. And that is to kill Klaus. 

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