One Of The Originals (Vampire Diaries- FanFic)

First and for most I would like to say that all rights go to L.J Smith for writing such an amazing book and Julie Plec and the producers of the CW show The Vampire Diaries. I do not own anything from the show or book. Some characters will be the same as the show but I will not take credit for them. Thank you! x
This is the story about a vampire named Jessica. She's not just any old vampire, she's an original. Her brother, Niklaus (Klaus for short), daggered her along with the rest of his family. One day, he needs help. So he goes to undagger Jessica. But of course, if your brother kills you I'm sure you would be very ticked off. So will Jessica ever be able to forgive Klaus and help him or will she turn her back on him? Hmmm. Intense. Read to find out what happens.


6. Road Trip and Sob Stories


"There is no way he will get you, Elena." Damon reassured her. "I won't let him."

Wow. I just got completely ignored. 

"Then we will have to find another way, Damon." She sighed. She was obviously scared. Who wouldn't? This was Klaus we were talking about. 

"You might as well not even try." I said pouring myself another glass of Damon's alcohol. "You won't find another way. Might as well just face the fact that you're gonna die." 

Damon sent me a cold, hard look. I just shrugged.

"Maybe Bonnie can help." Elena suggested. I laughed. 

"What can Bonnie do against a powerful vampire like Klaus?" I asked very amused and taking a drink.

"She can find a spell or something." She argued. 

I about choked on my drink. So Bonnie was a witch? Should of seen it coming since she is a Bennet. No wonder she's not liking the vampire thing. 

"Let me know when she does." I said sarcastically. 

Elena was about to say something when we heard someone groan from the kitchen. Sounds like Stefan is awake. 

"What happened?" Stefan said appearing in the doorway. Elena ran over to him and gave him a big squeeze. He seemed to have relaxed when he did this but I didn't miss how uneasy Damon felt. 

"I'm just gonna go to bed. All this Klaus talk has gotten me...tired." Damon said and walked upstairs. 

"Klaus? Where is he? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Stefan asked Elena a million questions. I rolled my eyes. She just laughed. 

"I'm fine, Stefan." She said smiling but it quickly faded.

"What's wrong?" Stefan questioned and looked at me then back to her. 

"I think I'll just leave you two to talk." I said. Elena gave me a small smile as to say thank you and I headed up stairs.

So fun day so far. Very eventful. Klaus once again just left me to fend for myself. Yeah, some brother he is. He just left me with no where to stay. I'm pretty sure Damon and Stefan weren't gonna let me live here, considering I was supposed to watch them. Not to mention, that I am starved. I have not had a drink all day. 

I stopped walking around upstairs when the smell of blood filled my nose. Speaking of being hungry. 

I opened the door that the wonderful sent was behind. To my surprise, I walked right into Damon's bedroom. He was sitting on his bed facing the wall. He looked stressed and upset and he was drinking what looked like bags full of blood. Ah, that explains that delicious smell. 

"What do you want?" Damon asked not turning to face me. At first I thought he didn't acknowledge my entrance. 

"Uh..I smelled blood..." I quickly said. 

He tossed a bag to me and without hesitation I quickly drank it. Letting the delicious liquid fill my mouth. I needed that. 

"Uh...thanks..." I said and awkwardly setting down the empty bag. There was a silence between both of us. He just stared at the wall and I shifted around uncomfortably. 

I decided to break the silence even though what I was about to say would make it even more awkward.

"You love her..." I said but trailed off towards the end. 

Damon scoffed. "You say that like you know it's true." 

"Because I do know it's true." I said sternly. "The way you look at her makes it obvious. Not to mention how fast you were to give me up to Klaus just to rescue her and the look on your face when Klaus said he needed her for the sacrifice. That look said that you would do anything just to rescue her and protect her. You love her, Damon." 

He was silent for a moment before turning towards me. He looked upset and mad all at once. "Yes, I love her okay?! What are you getting at?" 

I smirked and took another blood bag from the 13 million he has sitting there. Well not really that many but you get what I mean. "I thought so.." I said to myself and drinking the whole bag. 

I was still hungry. I didn't want blood from a bag. Where's the fun in that? I wanted blood straight from the vein. I wanted to kill.

"I know what you need. You need a little fun." I said. He looked at me confused. "Get your jacket. We're leaving." 

"Where are we going?" 



"I can not believe I let you talk me into this." Damon said as we pulled up to a  bar in Chicago. We drove from Virgina to Illinios in no time. I remember passing by this bar on the way to Mystic Falls with Klaus after I got my clothes. I told myself I was gonna go here. 

Speaking of clothes, Damon had boughten me an entire wardrobe when I was knocked out due to vervain. They were a lot better than the clothes I picked out with Klaus. Damon had good taste. Right now I was wearing a very short and tight red strapless dress with tall black heels. My hair was already curled so I didn't mess with that and I changed my makeup. I had gold shimmery eye shadow and fake eye lashes. My lips were a deep red color. 

"I don't think I really had to persuade you much, Damon." I laughed. "When I said 'to get drunk' you were pretty much all up for it." 

"Eh what can I say." 

After a little complusion, Damon and I were in the club. Sure I got some stares from people considering I looked 15 but half the people were to drunk to realize anything. 

Music was playing loudly through the speakers and lights were flashing everywhere as we made our way to the bar. "So whats your idea after getting drunk?" Damon asked 

"I don't know yet. Probably feed on some of these people." I said looking out towards the crowd. Everyone was dancing around and having a good time. It made me sick. "I wouldn't mind killing a few people either." 

"I like the way you think." Damon smirked. 

After that Damon ordered a bunch of shots using compulsion to make them on the house. I started to get tipsy around three or four, but after seven or eight, I was full out drunk. 

"Damonnnnnnn." I laughed. "It's dinner time. Go use your charm on that girl over there." I said pointing to a girl that was standing alone. 

He smirked and started walking over to the girl. I downed his shot that he left there when he walked away. Once I saw him and the girl walking away he looked back at me and sent me a wink. I'm assuming this is my time to go. 

I found them in one of the back rooms. He was compelling her. 

"You will not scream. You'll find this rather...enjoyable." He said to her. She nodded and his face changed. His eyes turned blood red and veins popped up under them. I just watched as he sunk his fangs into her neck. 

"Hey don't take it all." I said walking up to them. He pulled away and smirked handing her to me. I bit into the other side of her neck letting the warm blood go down my throat. I needed this. 

It seemed like only a second before she fell limp. I dropped her to the ground. "Well that was fun." I said cleaning up the corners of my mouth. "But I'm still not done." 

As if the world suddenly loved me, a drunk couple came into the room Damon and I were in. 

"Mind if w-we share this room with y-you guys?" The girl slurred her words and they didn't even noticed the dead body on the floor. I looked at Damon who exchanged a knowing look back. 

"Well of course." Damon said and they almost cheered. Little did they know, they were about to be food. 


"Ughh, Damon. I don't wanna leave." I whined as he lead me out to the car. I pretty much stumbled over with every step I took. I almost face planted the ground but Damon caught me. 

"Could you be a little more careful?" He asked a clearly annoyed. 

"No." I stuck my tongue out at him. He just gave me a questioning look and opened the door allowing me to get inside his car. I have to admit, it's a pretty BA car. "Why'd we have to leaveeee?" I asked. 

"Because I'm tired and you're wasted." I just sighed and slumped down in my seat. 

We've been driving for an hour or two without saying a word to each other. Damon didn't seem to mind to much but I for one found it awkward. Looks like it's time to make conversation.

"Why'd you come with me tonight? Aren't we supposed to be like enemies or something." I asked. 

"Aw, why would you say that?" 

"Well, I don't know. Maybe because my brother is planning to kill Elena a.k.a Damon's love of his life." I cooed. 

"You just had to bring that up." 

I laughed and he just rolled his eyes. "I don't get it." I said after a moment of silence.


"How is it you and Stefan both love the same girl but he ends up with her?" I asked. "If anything I would've chosen you."

"And why is that?" 

"Well, you're fun, exciting..mysterious." I paused. "And Stefan eats bunnies." 

I got Damon to laugh slightly at that. 

"But I'm serious." I continued. "Why don't you go after her?" 

He stayed quiet for a moment. "Then history will just repeat itself." 

He said that with a sad look in his eyes. He looked hurt. But the funny thing is, I almost felt sorry for him. Yeah, I know. Me. Feeling sorry for someone. It's outrageous. 

"Damon..are you okay?" I asked. 

"Eh..I'll spare you with the sob stories." 

"Oh come onnnn." I said gently pushing him. "We have a long ride and I'm drunk enough to actually care." 

"Not gonna happen." 



"Come on, please." 



"Ugh, fine." 

"Yay!" I cheered. He gave me a confused look after that but slightly laughed it off. "Well go on." 

"You're not the only one who wants Katherine dead." He started.

"Oh goody, we should work together!" I said and he laughed. "So why do you want Katherine dead and what does she have to do with this?" 

"I loved Katherine. But Katherine didn't love me." He said. "She chose Stefan. She toyed with both of us. In 1864, when the town had all the vampires burned in the church I blamed Stefan for everything. He told our father about Katherine and he made her get caught." 

"I was there. I watched all the vampires get burned. I didn't know Katherine was there." I said. "But if she was in that church, then how is she still here?" 

"Because she didn't die in the church, none of the vampires did." 

"They didn't?" I asked. 

"There was a tomb under the church that all the vampires went too." He said. "Once I found that out, I went to get her out. Only when I got there...she wasn't there." 

"She got out?" 

"Yup." He paused. "And the worst thing was, that she knew where I was and she never even cared." 

"Oh my. I'm sorry." I said sincerely. "So why don't you just kill her then?" 

"She's gonna help us with the whole Klaus thing." 

"Oh.." I nodded. "So Elena? Is she like your Katherine replacement?" 

"You know, I thought about that but Stefan is right. She's nothing like Katherine." He said. I could tell that he had a lot on his mind. Just thinking about the past made him upset. "What? Are you amazed by my good looks?" 

I didn't even realize that I was staring at him. "Oh, uh..just thinking.." I turned to look out the window but I could feel him smirking. 

"So what's your story?" He asked changing the subject. 

"Excuse me?" I questioned. 

"I can't be the only one with a story, so what's yours? You bottle up your emotions and act like you don't care. But I saw a bit of fear in your eyes when Klaus was at the boarding house." Was I really about to give my life story to Damon? Ugh, it's the alcohol talking. "Are you scared of Klaus?" 

"Okay, yes, maybe a little." 

"Why are you scared of Klaus?" 

"You don't know what he's capable of." I said still looking out the window. "If you even think about crossing him, he wont hesitate to rip you apart." 

"I'm not curious about Klaus, I'm curious as to what he did that made you so worked up." 

I didn't respond but I knew I couldn't just ignore his question the rest of the ride. "Klaus killed my mother." 

"You're kidding?" He seemed somewhat surprised.

"Nope." I said. "I had to watch it all, but he told my siblings that our father did it. When I confronted him about it, I told him I wouldn't say anything as long as he let me go. I knew he was planning to dagger all of us. So I exchanged my freedom for not saying a word. After he daggered Finn and Kol, I left. So I don't know whether he got to Rebekah or Elijah." 

"There's more of you?" Damon asked. 

"6 all together." 

"Oh. Lovely" He mumbled.

"Anyway.." I continued. "..In 1864, My brother found me and broke his promise. He daggered me because apparently 'he was protecting me' which was a bunch of BS. And now he left me again, with no one to trust." 

"Sounds like 1864 was the worst year for both our everlasting lives." 

"Amen to that!" We shared a laugh. 

"Just one more thing. Why don't you just leave? From Klaus. Like right now." 

"He would probably hunt me down and kill me. Klaus is someone you do not want to betray." I said. "And before you say anything, Klaus doesn't care about family. This is why I'm alone." 

"Join the club." 

"At least you have Stefan and Elena. Whether you know it or not but they look out for you. I have no one, I'm just Klaus' handy man." 

Damon stayed silent after that. I think I made my point. "Hey... are you okay?" Damon asked. 

I looked at him slightly confused but I soon realized that I was crying. I quickly wiped the tears away. "Uh..I'm fine." 

He didn't argue with me. He just continued on down the road. Truth is...I didn't think I was fine. I'm tired of pretending that I'm fine. I hate what I have become. Ever since mother turned us into these vampires, I've lost everything. I've lost my friends, my family, like I said, I have nothing. Now I'm stuck as a 15 year old girl forever. 

"Whatever you do, Damon, don't let Stefan and Elena out of your life." I finally spoke up. 

He looked at me and then back to the road. I don't know if he responded or not.  I feel asleep before he could say anything. 


Told ya it'd be longer. ;) Give me feedback! 

<3, Jess 

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