One Of The Originals (Vampire Diaries- FanFic)

First and for most I would like to say that all rights go to L.J Smith for writing such an amazing book and Julie Plec and the producers of the CW show The Vampire Diaries. I do not own anything from the show or book. Some characters will be the same as the show but I will not take credit for them. Thank you! x
This is the story about a vampire named Jessica. She's not just any old vampire, she's an original. Her brother, Niklaus (Klaus for short), daggered her along with the rest of his family. One day, he needs help. So he goes to undagger Jessica. But of course, if your brother kills you I'm sure you would be very ticked off. So will Jessica ever be able to forgive Klaus and help him or will she turn her back on him? Hmmm. Intense. Read to find out what happens.


2. Mystic Falls


We have been driving forever now. I was getting tired of being in a car and plus I was getting hungry. One girl wasn't near enough after being dead for 100 years. Plus it was dark and I was getting sleepy. 

"How much longer till we get there?" I asked.

"A few more hours" he said. "Especially with the pace were going."

I nodded even though he wasn't looking at me.

You have no idea how bad I wanted to kill Klaus right then and there. But I won't do that. Believe me, I will get revenge for what he did to me but it has to suffer. Killing him would be to easy.

Well I had a few hours. I might as well get answers.

"Why'd you do it?" I asked

"Hmm? Come again?" He replied.

"Why'd you do it? Why'd you dagger me?" I asked again.

He didn't respond.

"Whatever..." I said and slumped down in my seat.

He sighed. "I had a good reason."

"Oh really now? I was finally away from you Klaus but yet you still came after me and just out of the blue, you daggered me. Was it your life long goal to dagger all your siblings and lock them in a box?!" I raged.

"I had no intention on daggering you." He said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. "I daggered you because I was protecting you."

"Yeah right." I said. "You came out of no where."

"You were watching all the vampires being burned. What you didn't know is that one of the council members were behind you with a white oak stake. They knew you were an original. So I came and simply snapped his neck. Then I daggered you so you would be safe until the whole thing was over." He said not even taking his eyes off the road.

"Oh so a simple 'hey I just saved your life you better get out here' wasn't good enough?!" I yelled. If I wasn't mad before I was furious now. "Why in the world would you dagger me?"

"I guess it looked fun that day." He shrugged. I wasn't finding his 'humor' funny.

"You're an arrogant arse. You know that?" 

"It may have come up once or twice." He said. 

I ignored him and his smart elick remarks and starting looking out the window. We passed a sign that has "Mystic Falls" written on it. 

"I thought you said we were a few more hours away?!" 

"I lied." He said looking at the small town before him. I rolled my eyes. Of course he did. 

"So where I am supposed to be staying at while I'm here?" I asked. 

"You'll figure something out." He said while we pulling into the Grill's parking lot. "I'll be over in the other town if you need me. Just call." 

I just stared him. "You're unbelievable." I said opening the car door and getting out. 

"Call me when you find it!" He called out to me. I rolled my eyes. He sped off down the street after that attracting some attention for passing by civilians. Oh good. Dinner. I thought to myself. 

Well I wasn't getting anything accomplished standing here so I might as well check this place out. I walked inside what they called the 'Mystic Grill'. It was nothing more than a hangout place for people. It was probably the only decent place they had in this small town. 

I walked to a booth and sat down. I really wanted a drink but considering I looked like a 15 year old girl, I don't think they were gonna let me. Yes, I could use compulsion but it's Mystic Falls. These people practically drink vervain. Which doesn't help vampires out at all! Vervain is a plant used to hurt vampires and it keeps them from compelling people and what not. It wouldn't be worth the try and get caught within the first 5 minutes I've been here. Maybe I'll just stick to the blood and tea. 

"Can I get you anything?" A boy asked. He was obviously in his teens. He had blondish hair and a nice smile. He looked delicious. If you know what I mean. And he wasn't bad on the looks either.

"Just tea, please." I said putting on my best greeting smile. He returned with a smile and nod. 

"I'll get right to that." He said. 


A few moments later he returned with a nice warm cup of tea. "You even warmed it up?" I said taking the cup in between my hands. "Why thank you." 

"It's not a problem." He said with a wink. That made me laugh but I tried not to make it sound like I was being me. I don't need a bad rep already. "So, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new?" He asked.

"Just passing through." I simply stated. "I'm visiting some family friends." 

Okay, good. That was gonna be my story. 

"Ah." He nodded. But he didn't leave. Awkward. Oh well, time to bring on my charm. 

"Wanna join me? I'm a bit lonely." I lied. But I could use the company and maybe get some information on the people of this town. 

"Sure! But not for long, I gotta get back to work." He said taking a seat in front of me. "I'm Matt Donovan, by the way." 

"Jessica." I said in return. "But please call me Jess, I might have to murder you if you use my full name." He looked a bit surprised. "Kidding!" I said raising my hands up in defense. He let out a small laugh. 

"So how long are you staying?" He asked. 

"I don't know." I admitted. "I guess whatever time I'm ready to leave." 

I was looking around the room taking a close look at the people there. Possibly debating on who I should eat. 

"Jess?" I heard someone say. It was Matt. He was pulling me out of my thoughts. 

"Oh uh, sorry." I said taking a sip of my tea. 

"I said I had to get back to work, but we can chat later?" He stood up. 

I nodded and he gave me a small smile before walking off back to work. 

That's when I saw it. No, not it, her.

"Katherine." I muttered quietly to myself. 

I got up from where I was sitting and walked straight over to her. She was with some friends I'm assuming. One of them had blond hair and blue eyes. She's looked to perky for my liking. Next to her was a dark skinned girl with dark hair and eyes. There was also a guy there too. He had his arms wrapped around Katherine's waist and leaning his head against her shoulder. I'm assuming that's her boyfriend. 

They all stared at me as I walked up to them. The blonde had a confused look come across her face. "Uh, hello?" She said with her high voice. It wasn't obnoxiously high but I could easily tell that she was a peppy girl. 

I ignored her. "Katherine." I said not afraid to show the anger in my voice or face. She looked a little scared at first but then slightly annoyed. 

"Uh, no... I'm Elena." She said. I rolled my eyes. 

"Save it, Katherine." I spat. The boy holding on to her looked a bit amused but also looked as if he was trying to figure something out. He had light brown almost blond hair and green eyes. Not gonna lie, he was pretty attractive. 

"I'm not lying." She said. 

"She's not Katherine." The boy said speaking for the first time. "But I am curious as to how you know her." 

I stayed silent for a moment and tried to listen to my surrounds. That's when it hit me. I could hear Katherine's- No, Elena's- heartbeat and she smelled delicious.

I sighed. I was hoping I would finally get to kill Katherine. "I guess you're right. And for Katherine and I, we have a bit of a bad..history." 

"So does that mean you're a-" Blondie started. 

"Yes." I interrupted knowing that she was gonna ask if I was a vampire. 

"Oh isn't that just lovely.." The dark one said quietly next to her. I looked at her and narrowed my eyes. Just rolled her eyes in return. 

"Who are you?" The boy asked letting go Elena. 

"Jess." I said keeping my look very emotionless. 

"Stefan." He said in return. He held out his hand and I shook it greetingly. I shook it and that when I knew he was a vampire. It's getting easier to tell by the older I get.  

He was a vampire. Of course, vampire dating the human girl. Been there once. Didn't work out very well. 

"And this is Caroline and Bonnie." Elena said pointing to the other two standing there. I nodded in there direction. Caroline smiled but Bonnie didn't do any form of greeting. Something tells me she's not all Go Team Vampire. I narrowed my eyes at her and turned my attention away from her.

"Okay, Jess. Why exactly are you here?" Stefan asked me.

I decided to stay with my lie. "I'm hear visiting family friends."

"Oh really?" He asked amused. "Who may that be?"

"The Lockwoods." I said immediately. I was pretty happy with my lie."Now, I must go. It is very late and I'm getting very hungry." I winked at Stefan. "If you know what I mean."

"You can't just go around killing civilians." Elena protested.

"I do what I want, when I want." I smirked. "And I won't kill them, just get a quick bite. Wanna join me, Stefan?" I said in a flirtatious tone. This was gonna make Katherine look-a-like jealous. I glanced at her and sure enough not only her, but her friends were giving me some dirty looks. Oh well, I was not here to make friends.

That's when I thought. What was I doing here? Sure I was supposed to get the moonstone for Klaus. But does that mean I was really going to? No. In fact, why was I still here? I should be on the road again. I don't take orders from anyone. Especially Klaus.

But then again, if I do this maybe Klaus will finally let me be. Ugh, I was so confused. It's time for dinner and bed for me.

"No. Animal Blood diet." I had almost missed Stefan answering my question because I was so caught up in my thoughts.

"Well, that's a shame." I said frowning. "Well, I must be going."

They all stared at me. I shrugged and walked towards the front entrance to the grill. I was going to call Klaus and tell him about our little Elena problem. There must be some reason she looks like Katherine and that reason means that she's the doppelganger. But unfortunately I have no way in contacting him considering he drove off leaving me here. Oh well, looks like I'm just gonna chill.

I looked up and down the street debating where to go. I was distracted when I spotted a girl walking down the road. She was distracted and looking at something she was holding and tapping it viscously.

"Eh, what the heck?" I said to myself and  used my inhuman speed to get in front of her. She gasped when she ran into me.


"You will not scream. You will not move. This won't hurt a bit." I said compelling her. "Do you understand?"

"I understand" She said in monotone. I took a quick look around. Good thing it was dark.

I tilted her head to the side and drew my fangs. I sunk them into the side of her neck and let the delicious liquid fill my mouth. I pulled away just before I drank enough to kill her. She looked weak. I bit into my wrist and brought it up to her mouth until I seen her swallow.

"Good girl." I said to her. And watched her wound heal up. I wiped the extra blood off her skin. "Now go back to what you were doing before and forget that I was ever here and that that happened to you." I compelled her again. She nodded her head and I was off in a whoosh.

"Well, that was fun." I said to myself and cleaned up my face. Now I'm just not really sure where to go. It was dark, I was tired, and I had no place to stay.

I just kept wandering around till I came across a large house. I will just compel the people who live here to let me stay here for the night. Tomorrow I will have the moonstone and be out of here anyway.

I walked up to the front door and knocked on it. I used my vampire hearing to try to make out the number of people here. I heard two people moving. At that moment someone answered the door.

The first thing I noticed about him was his beauty. He had icy blue eyes and dark hair. You can tell her had a toned body under his black t-shirt and dark jeans. He was deff my kind of gorgeous. He was even cuter than the vampire at the Grill, Stefan. 

"Can I help you?" He said with a smirk as he caught me staring at him.

"Uh..yeah." I said.


"Oh, uh." I got real close to him. "You will let me in and let me stay here. You will go out for tonight only and not come back till noon tomorrow. No questions asked. You understand?" I said compelling him.

He stared at me for a moment. And then smirked. "Come on in." He said. I smiled to myself and  walked through the door. Only he shut the door behind me and started walking towards the living room.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You actually think I'm leaving?" He laughed. "Nice try, sweetheart. But your compulsion won't work on me." He said.

"Damon, who's that?" Asked another voice. Then someone I did not expect to see walk into view. It was Stefan. "What are you doing here?" He asked me.

"I didn't see that one coming." I mumbled to myself.

"How do-"

"We met at the Grill today." I said answering Damon's question before he even started.

"And again, what are you doing here?" Stefan asked.

I sighed. "Okay, I lied. I'm not visiting family friends...."

"I figured that." Stefan said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"...And I don't have anywhere to stay tonight. I thought I would just be able to compel the people who live here but considering they drink vervain, I can't."I finished.

"Please." The guy in black said. I'm assuming his name was Damon since Stefan called him that earlier. "If I drank vervain it would probably slowly kill me. I only take little bit here and there." He said taking a drink of his bourbon.

"You're a vampire?" How could I have no seen it before?

"Yes." He smirked.

Well that's just great. I didn't even have to compel them. I could've just walked right in. 

"I love this little bonding session as much as the next guy but you should leave now." Stefan said.

"Come on, brother. Let the poor girl stay." Damon said. Poor?! I was not poor..

"Yeah, brother" I said mimicking Damon. "Let me stay. Just one night and I will try to get a hold of my brother tomorrow."

He looked at me for a moment. Then sighed. "Fine, just for tonight." He said. "Don't tell Elena about this." He said redirecting to Damon. He held his hands up in defense and took another drink of his drink.

I smiled and walked past Stefan to the couch. He went upstairs to who knows where and I was left alone with Damon.

"So.." He said pouring himself another glass of Bourbon. "Let's cut to the chase. Who are you and why exactly are you here?"

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