One Of The Originals (Vampire Diaries- FanFic)

First and for most I would like to say that all rights go to L.J Smith for writing such an amazing book and Julie Plec and the producers of the CW show The Vampire Diaries. I do not own anything from the show or book. Some characters will be the same as the show but I will not take credit for them. Thank you! x
This is the story about a vampire named Jessica. She's not just any old vampire, she's an original. Her brother, Niklaus (Klaus for short), daggered her along with the rest of his family. One day, he needs help. So he goes to undagger Jessica. But of course, if your brother kills you I'm sure you would be very ticked off. So will Jessica ever be able to forgive Klaus and help him or will she turn her back on him? Hmmm. Intense. Read to find out what happens.


3. Holding an Original


I just stared at him, but didn't answer. He stared back. 

"Well..?" Damon said becoming impatient. 

I rolled my eyes. "My name's Jessica. But call me that and I will end you. It's just Jess." 

"Okay, so why are you here?" 

"Why all these questions?" I asked playfully. "I'm just here to chill."  

Damon was gone in a flash and the next thing I know, I am being pinned against the wall by my throat. Anger and annoyance were flashing through his eyes. I couldn't help but laugh at how he thought he could challenge me. 

"Nice try, Damon." I laughed and used my unbelievable strength to switch places with him and have him pinned against the wall. "But I am over 1000 years old and even though I've been dead for over a century and haven't gotten all my strength back, I still have more strength than you and your brother combined." I gripped tighter around his throat as he winced out in pain. "So don't even mess with me." 

I let go of him and he dropped to the ground. I didn't even realize that I was holding him in the air. Shows him not mess with an original. 

If you don't know my brother, Klaus, we are very a like. I'm like the girl version of him. We are both stubborn badasses. And we get what we want. Only I wouldn't dagger my own family. 

Damon growled at me. Yes, growled. He's so pathetic. 

"What's going on here?" Stefan asked appearing in the room. 

"I want her out of here!" Damon spat. 

"But weren't you the one that wanted her to stay in the first place?" He asked. 

"I don't care now!" 

I laughed and both the Salvatore brothers looked at me. "What? This is funny." I shrugged. Damon rolled his eyes and Stefan looked awfully confused. 

"Unless you give us answers, you're not staying." Stefan concluded and my mouth dropped open. 

"You're taking his side?!" 

"Well, yeah, he's my brother and I don't know you." 

"Eh, good point." I shrugged. "Alright! If you must now, I'm on a mission." 

"What kind of mission?" Stefan asked. 

"You want details too?!" They just stared at me. I groaned. "I'm trying to find the moonstone. I wanna break the Sun and Moon Curse." 

The Sun and Moon curse isn't real. But every vampire and werewolf thinks it is. They think if the curse is broken, vampires will be able to walk in the daylight and werewolves don't only have to change on the full moon. Their is a curse put on the rock, but not what they think it is. My mother put a curse on it to stop Klaus from triggering his werewolf side. As that was mentioned before. He is a hybrid. 

Damon laughed. "You've wasted a trip here then. The curse isn't real." Wait, how did he know that?! 

"You knew about that?" I asked. 

He smirked because he just called me out on my lie. "Katherine told us." 

"Katherine.." I hissed quietly. "There's another reason to hate her." 

"And she also told us about how the moonstone is actually used to break a curse on the original, Klaus." He paused and looked at me. "Do you know anything about that?" He asked as if he already knew the answer. 

"Where is it?" I asked harshly. 

"Where's what?" He asked playfully but it was rather annoying. 


"Katherine took it." 

"That's a lie. I know Mason Lockwood has it." 

"Then why'd you ask?" He seemed amused which only made me angrier. 

I took a deep breath. "Okay..then where is Mason?" I said in a calmer tone but I didn't hide the fact that I was annoyed. 

"Dead." He smirked. 

That's it. I pushed Damon onto the ground and stuck my hand through his chest. Once I felt his heart, I stopped. 

"Tell me where the stone is, or I will rip your heart out." I threatened. 

He just sat there. He was in pain and it was obvious by the short breaths he was taking. But that pain still didn't hide the fact that he was still amused. 

"Woah. I just met you and your already throwing yourself at me. If you wanted me, all you had to do was ask." He winked. 

I was about to rip his heart out until I felt something pinch my back. Next, raging pain overwhelmed me. I screamed out in pain and only one word popped into my mind before I blacked out. 



 I woke up and I could only feel one thing, pain. The stupid idiot stabbed me with a vervain dart.  

I flickered my eyes open, trying to get used to the light. I didn't recognize the room I was in. It looked more like a jail cell than a room though. I was probably in the boarding house basement. 

With a groan, I rolled over on to my back. That's when I heard a chuckle. I looked up only to find Damon smirking down at me. 

"Do you have anything better to do?" I rolled my eyes. 

"Nope." He said taking a sip of his Bourbon "Hurry up and get changed. You're going to school with Stefan today." 

My eyes widened. First of all, they really injected enough vervain into my system to put me out all night? Second, I was not going to school. 

"Oh no. No. No. No. There is no way I am going to school." I pleaded. 

"Yes you are. School has changed since the 1800's." He smirked. He really needs to stop doing that. I'm half tempted to smack it off his face. 

"Why can't I just stay here?" 

"I don't feel like being your babysitter today." 

"Because giving you back to Klaus would be too easy." 

I was confused now. "How did you know that I was Klaus' sister?" 


Ugh, why can't she be dead already?! 

"So are you just gonna hold me hostage or what?" I asked.

"Something like that." He said while smirking and doing this weird eye thing. 

"Uh, is there something wrong with your eye?" I said jokingly. 

His expression became flat. "Just go get dressed. Hope we picked the right sizes for you." 

Oh, goody. This shall be fun. 


AN: Okay, so if you know the show than you know that this is not how things went. But because of the new character, Jess, I had to change things. Some things will be the same, and some won't. The story is a little slow to start with but it get's better, trust me. :) 

Please fan, comment, and fav! I love you all! <3 



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