Running for Love

Being the daughter of Simon Cowell has its perks and all but I don't know how much more I can take of the constant moving around and never having alone time.

Kalie Cowell wishes for a normal life. Aside from training for the 2012 London Olympics her life is in control of Simon Cowell. How will her life change when One Direction becomes apart of it? I'm not going to tell you now, so read to find out:)


3. Training


We were all laying beneath the sun on our lounge chairs talking about anything and everything. My phone buzzed and it was a text from my trainer; 'where the hell are you??'. Oh shit. 'Oh my gosh I totally forgot, I'll be there in 10'. Great Simons, I mean my dads not back yet.

Kalie- Umm boys I have training and my dads not back so you'll have to come with me.

Niall- Sure, when is it?

Kalie- We have to leave in five minutes.

Zayn- WHAT!?!! Do you know how much time it takes me to perfect all of this?

He pointed to his whole body. What a weirdo.

Kalie- You don't have to look good we're going to the gym. C'mon get moving.

We all ran around grabbing this and that and everything we needed. Five minutes later we were all in my car on our way to the gym. Liam sat shotgun and the rest sat in the back.

Kalie- Oh shit. Will someone text my dad and tell him we went to the gym please?

Louis- I WILL!

Liam- Soo Kalie, what are you training for?

Kalie- The summer Olympics.

Liam- Oh my gosh! Don't you have to be like the best of the best to compete there?

Kalie- Umm I guess.

Liam- What sport.

Kalie- Track, I run the 1600 (mile).

Liam- So you could probably out- run any of us?

Kalie- Most likely:)

We got to the gym and jogged in. My trainer was waiting by the door with an unpleased look on his face.

Kalie- I'm so sor-

Trainer- I don't want to hear it. Let's go.

Kalie- Umm you guys can watch in the waiting or sit in the car, just please don't break anything.


Kalie- Umm you guys can watch in the waiting or sit in the car, just please don't break anything.

Whats up with us and breaking things?

Harry- You guys can go and do whatever, but I'm gonna watch Kalie workout in her tight pants.

Zayn- You're such a perv Harry.

We all walked into the waiting room and looked around the gym. It was not what I expected. It was like seven football fields big. There were machines everywhere and a track in the middle. I searched the gym until my eyes fell upon Kalie. She was doing some exercise while her trainer dude was yelling at her. If I do say so myself, she was pretty fit. I looked over at Harry and he was basically drooling. He always gets the girls but he's not getting this one, no way. 

An hour later Kalie was heading towards the track. I looked at the boys, Harry was still watching every move she made, Zayn was asleep, Niall was eating something from the vending machines, and Louis was doing something on his phone. I looked back and Kalie started. Dayyyuuumm this girl could run. 

When she was finally finished she we went to this smoothie place. She was all sweaty and out of breath and man did that make her sexy. 

Harry- You're a very good runner Kalie.

Oh great, here comes the flirting.

Kalie- Thanks, I'm ok.

Harry- Are you serious you were amazing out there.

Kalie blushed and looked down. Why was she so cute?

Harry- Maybe you and I could go running sometime?

Kalie- Uhh sure, you all can come if you want.

Haha Harry just got somewhat rejected. We got back home and the kitchen was stocked with junk food. Niall took a quick second to admire it before grabbing anything he found appealing at that moment. The other boys did the same and Kalie turned to go to her room. I followed her. She shut the door, I was just about to go back downstairs when I heard her talking.

Kalie- Hey Chirsta, good how are you? You will never belive whose staying in my house. One direction. Do I like any of them? Uhhh maybe. I'm not telling you! Fine, Liam.

Oh my gosh! I ran back downstairs with a huge smile on my face. 

Zayn- Whats with the big smile Liam?

Liam- Oh nothing.

I'll have to make my move soon.

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