Running for Love

Being the daughter of Simon Cowell has its perks and all but I don't know how much more I can take of the constant moving around and never having alone time.

Kalie Cowell wishes for a normal life. Aside from training for the 2012 London Olympics her life is in control of Simon Cowell. How will her life change when One Direction becomes apart of it? I'm not going to tell you now, so read to find out:)


2. Pool


Simon opened the door and I could hear boys screaming 'UNCLE SIMY'. Wow they have a lot of energy, it's going to be hard not to get distracted. 

Dad- Boys, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Kalie.

Harry- Hello, I'm Styles, Harry Styles.

Cheesy but cute.

Niall- I'm Niall.

Simple but effective:)

Zayn- My names Zayn.


Louis- I'M LOUIS!!!


Liam- and I'm Liam Payne.

Adorable, handsome, pretty brown eyes, wavy hair, my perfect boy.

Kalie- I'm Kalie, Kalie Cowell. It's nice to meet all of you.

Simon- Kalie, why don't you give them a tour.

Kalie- Umm ok.

I showed them all around our house and lastly to their rooms. It goes Niall, Louis, mine, Liam, Harry, and then Zayn. I purposely put Liam in the room that shares a bathroom with mine.

Simon- I'm going to the store so be good.

All boys- BBBYYYYEEE!!!!

Kalie- Soo what should we do?

Harry- Well the weather is really nice today.

Louis- Ya and your pool is huge.

Zayn- I brought my floaties!!

Kalie- I guess we're swimming then.

Louis- YAAAAA!

We ran upstairs and I through a random bikini. Shit, why can't I tie this? I walked into the bathroom to see if it would be easier to look in a mirror and tie it. After several failed attempts Liam walked in. He saw me struggling and chuckled.

Liam- Here let me help you.

His finger grazed my back sending chills down my spine. 


When I first laid eyes on Kalie I knew there was something special about her. Not only is she gorgeous, but she seems like a really nice girl. I walked into the bathroom to see that she was only in a bikini and boy was she fit. When I helped tie her top for her I noticed how soft her skin was. She turned around and smiled at me.

Kalie- Thanks.

That smile sent butterflies throughout my stomach. 

Liam- No problem.

I watched as she went back into her room. Could I be falling this fast?


When he flashed my that adorable smile I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I walked out to the pool, everyone was already splashing and laughing. We were all having a blast.


I felt myself being grabbed and put on someones shoulders. I looked down to see Liam smiling up at me. I knew one thing about this boy, I was already falling for him.

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