Running for Love

Being the daughter of Simon Cowell has its perks and all but I don't know how much more I can take of the constant moving around and never having alone time.

Kalie Cowell wishes for a normal life. Aside from training for the 2012 London Olympics her life is in control of Simon Cowell. How will her life change when One Direction becomes apart of it? I'm not going to tell you now, so read to find out:)


1. Here Goes Nothing


Some of you may consider me as lucky. Some of you might envy my life. Some of you would do whatever it takes to be Kalie Cowell. 

Let me introduce myself. Hi I'm Kalie Cowell. I'm 17 years young and I'm training for the 2012 London Olympics. I run track if you were wondering. Running helps me clear my mind, which is a good thing because I'm always thinking. I have friends, but not a best friend. We're always moving from state to state or country to country. And by 'we' I mean my dad, Simon, and I. My mom passed away a while back and it's been us two ever since. Right now we're living in the outskirts of London in a mansion. We own this house so we usually move somewhere and come back here.

Dad- Kalie!! Come down I have some good news!

Kalie- K, one sec!!

I threw on my running shoes and met my dad by the front door.

Dad- You remember One Direction, right?

Kalie- Ya..?

Dad- Well, they're going to be staying here with us for a while.

Kalie- So does that mean we're not moving anywhere anytime soon.

Dad- Yup!!

I gave him a huge hug immediately pulling away with a serious expression paltered onto my face.

Dad- Whats wrong Kalie?

Kalie- I can't have any distractions. The olympics are only a month away. When do they get here?

Dad- A few hours.

Kalie- DAD!!! 

Dad- It's either that or we move to them.

Kalie- Fine. I'll be back soon.

I ran out the door and down my usual trail. Most times I run the distance I'd be running in a month from now, but today I just ran as fast as I could until I got tired. I stopped at a bench surrounded by trees and flowers. On the bench my family, including my mother, engraved our names in it. This place is sort of like my safe haven, I would come here when I was happy, sad, needed to be out of the house, you name it. My phone beeped bringing me out of my peaceful thoughts. It was a text from my dad, 'You need to come home they will be here soon and you can't look all gross'. I looked at my safe haven one last time before jogging home.

Dad- They'll be here in an hour so hurry up.

Kalie- Ok, ok calm down.

I showered quickly and straightened my hair and did my makeup. I must say, I did that in record time. Hmmm, it's pretty warm out so I'll wear red shorts, a white flowy shirt, and white converse. Perfect. Wait why do I care anyways. No distractions, no distractions, no distractions. 


Kalie- coming!!

Dad- ummm well I need to go to the store after they get here. What do normal teenagers like to eat?

Kalie- Are you saying that I'm not a normal teenager?

Dad- No, I'm saying that they aren't on an all healthy diet cause they're all star athletes.

Kalie- Whatever, umm chips, soda, anything sweet, lots of mac n cheese, and I don't know, just get them a ton of junk food.

Dad- Alright thanks-

The doorbell cut him off before he could finish his sentence. Well, here goes nothing.


I need to get out of this car. It's not big enough for five crazy boys. I can't believe Simon is letting us stay in his house. 

Zayn- Doesn't Simon have a daughter or something.

Harry- Ya, I've seen pictures of her. She is HOT, and she's gonna be in the Olympics.

Liam- Woah, stalker much?

Harry- Shut up!

Louis- Harreh are you cheating on me?

Harry- Boobear, you know I would never ever ever cheat on you.

The car stopped in front of this massive house.

Liam- Wow.

Niall- Houses like these always have good food.

Zayn- Is that all you think about?

Niall- no....

We got our luggage out of the car and Louis ran up to ring the doorbell. Well, here goes nothing.

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