Violet is new to Maple Heights and she wants to fit in with the bad crowd. She's sick of being good girl and wants to go bad. She'll do whatever it takes even if it means getting into trouble.


4. Where are you?

I lay in bed twirling my charm bracelet around my wrist, my digital clock flashed red numbers that read 5:45. I couldn’t see if Eliza was in my room after last night, the room was too dark to see anything, “Eliza?” I said quietly. No answer, “Eliza!” I said loudly. I decided to just get up and turn the light on. As I got up, I stubbed my toe on the pair of wedges from the party. I swore in pain. After finding the light switch in the dark I flicked it on. Eliza’s bed was beautifully made and it had her pyjamas folded up as usual but they were untouched. I felt them, cold. I suddenly felt a rush of panic, stop worrying Violet, I thought, I bet she’s down stairs studying for that history exam you don’t know about. I found my disgusting maroon uniform and put it on, adjusting the skirt height to be above my knee and my tie lose and casual. I swept a fresh coat of mascara on my eye lashes and quickly applied some eye liner. I’d managed to waste fifteen minutes of my time. As I gazed at the clock, I wondered if the cafeteria would be serving right now, I decided to give it a try, if Eliza was allowed outside right now, I’m sure I will be too. I opened the door and made my way out, the hallway was silent and the only sound to be heard were my footsteps against the carpeted floor. I ran quickly down the spiral staircase and found myself wandering into the cafeteria were a wonderful smell was coming from. The only person inside was a girl and a boy studying together. I grabbed a tray and piled my plate with bread spread with Nutella on and a strawberry milkshake. I looked awkwardly around at the tables, another person had joined the study table now. I didn’t want to look like a loser sitting by myself but it was my only choice. I sat down and began eating. By the time I finished, the hall was filling up with people who I either knew or had seen around before. Eliza was no where in sight. Melissa sat down next to me, she’d over done her ‘dramatic eyes’ look and purple lip stick today, “Hey Melissa,” I said as she took a sip from her squash, “Have you seen Eliza?” I asked.
Melissa snorted, “No way! Thank Goodness, I don’t want that freak on this table,” she said gesturing downwards to the table, “Why do you care?”
“I just need to know the answers for something,” which was so untrue. Believe it or not, I happened to be in the gifted and talented classes back in my old school, now I was the opposite. A few more people joined our table, relieved Eliza wasn’t sitting with us today, none of them knew where she was. Eliza had never skipped breakfast, or not in the time I’d been in Maple Heights. But hey, I guess there’s a first for everything; right?

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