Violet is new to Maple Heights and she wants to fit in with the bad crowd. She's sick of being good girl and wants to go bad. She'll do whatever it takes even if it means getting into trouble.


3. What?

The rest of the day dragged along at a slow pace. Lessons took place and as usual I didn’t pay any attention, the more I tried not to concentrate the easier it got.
“Why were you so late this morning?” Melissa asked at dinner.
“I slept in,” I replied trying my best not to fall asleep in my dinner.
“Oh, you look really tired,” she said stating the obvious. I nodded. I mixed my spaghetti around in my bowl and then pushed my plate again, “I’m off to bed,” I said to particularly nobody. A snort came from my left, “It’s 7pm,” my stupid room mate said.
“I mean to study,” I said quietly, realizing I sounded stupid.
“For the history test?” she asked. Crap… we had a history test?
“Uh, yeah,” I stuttered. I took the side door and made my way up the stairs slowly. With each step I wished for my bed more. Suddenly I was woken properly awake by somebody pushing me aside, “Move!” they were late for dinner.
‘Detention for you,’ I thought. I took a quick trip to the bathroom, giving my teeth a brush and washing my face with lukewarm water. Never again am I going to a party. I dragged myself into my bedroom and shut the door a little louder than necessary.

I was woken by a loud slam. I sat up immediately, “Eliza?” I asked surprised at how afraid I sounded. The room was empty. It must just of been a window or something. But that isn’t the point, where’s Eliza? I couldn’t bother caring so I just buried myself deeper into the covers and fell asleep.


Sorry it's so short!

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