Violet is new to Maple Heights and she wants to fit in with the bad crowd. She's sick of being good girl and wants to go bad. She'll do whatever it takes even if it means getting into trouble.


1. Waiting...

I played with my hair nervously. I stared out of the window down at the school grounds waiting. They’d completely frozen over and the floor was basically an ice skating rink, anybody who walked on it would fall over, I laughed at the thought. That wouldn’t happen though, almost everybody was at home for winter break. Almost everybody. I stayed, for this party. My first ever party, like a proper one, not a birthday or a wedding, a real party. The thought of the party made my hands sweat. I was just waiting for this signal. I bit my lip and looked at the digital clock on my bedside table, 5:50 pm. Ten minutes to go. Unless they're early, I hope not. I hope this party’s cancelled. No I don’t. Maybe I do. I shook my head to try and think normally again. My phone buzzed next to me, I picked it up really fast and unlocked it with my bitten nails that were painted dark purple, ‘BE READY IN 2 MINUTES!’ Early. This party was happening. Get ready! I stopped thinking and jumped at the thought. I swung open the wardrobe and a few shoes fell out, including my black wedges. The highest heels I’d ever worn in my life, no make that the only heels I’ve ever worn. I pulled them on and used the bed as support to get up. I looked lots taller, I examined myself in the mirror. Mum would kill me if she saw these shoes. I was interrupted by the hammering on my door, “Violet! Come on!” it was time to go. I gripped onto the wall as I walked to the door. How was I supposed to survive a night in these heels if I couldn’t even walk in them, “Coming,” I said. I took a deep breath and opened the door, I was on my way to either the best party in my life or the worst party in my life.

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